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Experimental Play with Sacred Geometry

Last summer I ventured out into different territory and exploring art from a bit more linear perspective than I usually do. My good friend Heidi Schwarzkopf offered a “Free Mandala” summer class that I really enjoyed. First I did struggle with the “thinking part” the logic, the precision needed to construct geometrics… however after some […]

Flirting With Freedom – Ilan Stephani – Portrait Photography

I am very fortunate to be part of Ilan Stephani’s creative team as creative brand directress. Creating web design, online course & product images, book covers, photography and so much more, I have been able to grow in my creative leadership this year. One of my most favorite activities is doing photoshoots with Ilan. She […]

Inner Landscapes – New FlowArt Painting Series

One of my newest creative adventures to keep my creative juices flowing and spirits alive during Covid times, is experimenting with fluid acrylic painting mediums – resulting in an ongoing new series I call »Inner Landscapes«. As I have also gotten more deeper into fascial release exercises with the foam roller to release stress I […]

The Magic of Soul Art Day

It’s that magic time of the year again. On June 5th 2019 Laura Hollick is hosting her “International Soul Art Day” – when thousands of people gather from around the globe to create art together for the day. The vortex of energy that is stirred up on this day is palpable.  Through the energy of […]


”The Art of Revealing“ Conversations

»THE ART OF REVEALING« has been my soul calling and creative initiation journey into daring self-leadership that I’ve been exploring very consciously for the last 3 years. After not feeling fulfilled with a separate private practices as an energy healer, intuitive artist and doing personal branding work as a designer for my clients I wanted to create something that would bring both […]

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New Dimensions

This fall I did another of my infamous 30 Day Channeled Drawing Challenges with a group of people. And as with all the Challenges so far new dimensions of my expression reveal themselves. This time it all fell together after the Challenge when I put together all 30 Images and in my library found the […]

Timelapse Channeled Drawing Month

I collected all timlapse videos from my channeled drawing practice in May 2017. It was a great refreshment of my channeled drawing practice, fun to watch and hopefully you get inspired to pick up the pen yourself. Let me know in the comments what sparked for you… watching these. If you want to try the […]


Vesak Full Moon – Channeled Drawing Guidance

I am continuing my (almost) daily channeled drawing practice again after a few years of only doing commissions and here and there personal channelings for myself or in group I taught. And I am totally enjoying the enlivening effect it has in my life right now. Truly the creative flow and the daily guidance is […]


New Channeled Drawing Process Videos

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 1, 2017 I restarted my channeled drawing practice for personal guidance and connection again and sharing these 2 process videos with you here. The first one reveals the spring vibes that are so present now with all the fresh greens and rich blossoms everywhere. Truly delightful how it raises my […]