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”The Art of Revealing“ Conversations

»THE ART OF REVEALING« has been my soul calling and creative initiation journey into daring self-leadership that I’ve been exploring very consciously for the last 3 years. After not feeling fulfilled with a separate private practices as an energy healer, intuitive artist and doing personal branding work as a designer for my clients I wanted to create something that would bring both […]

Timelapse Channeled Drawing Month

I collected all timlapse videos from my channeled drawing practice in May 2017. It was a great refreshment of my channeled drawing practice, fun to watch and hopefully you get inspired to pick up the pen yourself. Let me know in the comments what sparked for you… watching these. If you want to try the […]


Vesak Full Moon – Channeled Drawing Guidance

I am continuing my (almost) daily channeled drawing practice again after a few years of only doing commissions and here and there personal channelings for myself or in group I taught. And I am totally enjoying the enlivening effect it has in my life right now. Truly the creative flow and the daily guidance is […]


The Creative Power of Anger!

I like anger! It’s such an amazing creative power fuel to get or stay in motion/motivation,movement. To fill the body with life force, to create boundaries so I can surrender to this life energy. It took a while for me to allow myself to let this energy flow in me without following the impulse to […]


Lunar Eclipse SoundPrayer

Just 2 weeks after this last powerful Solar Eclipse the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse followed on April 4, 2015 and so I channeled another SoundPrayer at the exact time of the eclipse. This is a gentle attunement. You can hear me speaking the ancient languages and recognize a sound conversation that seemed like a balancing between masculine […]


Solar Eclipse Sound Prayer

This is the last Sound Prayer that I channeled during the solar eclipse March 20, 2015 at the time of total eclipse while looking at the corona. You can hear when the total eclipse occurs as the voice get’s really hyped, determined and powerful towards the middle before the more gentle soothing balancing happens. sorry […]

Happy Spring Opening – Sketch App

I’ve been trying out and experimenting with another App called “Sketch” by Tayasui on my iphone. I love the possibility to draw into photos directly on my phone… lazy bug that I am!!! Here’s are my Spring Greeting Cards for you!! And a fun Selfie (Dubble + PixlExpress + Sketch)!     Ich experimentiere grad mit […]