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Moving into your creative power – new SoundPrayer

This sound prayer came through a few days ago and I’ve been playing with it in the sound editing space. Somehow this virtual male voice found it’s way into the recording and after some getting adjusted to listen to this – I really feel this playful sound channel has morphed into a powerful divine alchemic […]

The Power of the Heart

Here is a new dubble series that focuses on the various expressions, feelings, superpowers of the heart. Feel free to share what you recognize as your own heart superpowers. Enjoy! Many thanks to the dubblers and image contributors: wibstar, helopuro, mattes-soulpictures, delberty, pinterest


Close Encounters – The Dubble Universe

One of my latest fun creative essence infusion play & guidance tools is Dubble. Dubble is a free iPhone app (and it’s been developed for Android as well…) that I happen to bump into in divine timing and since have become a dubble maniac enjoying the random yet surprizing dubbing, mixing and matching of my […]


Sound Healing during Meditation for Israel and Palestine

The music that came to today was actually this sound healing prayer that came through me towards the end of a Meditation for Israel and Palestine. I initially discovered sound healing also through intuitive play with my voice and toning a few years back inspired by my dear friend Kellyrose Zuvuya. Today it’s gotten more refined […]

Your Inner Child as the Gateway to your Soul

Inspired by one of my dear teachers Matt Kahn this confirmation of my work came through: Your inner child is the gateway to your soul. It’s your most important heart guide and ally who if acknowledged, involved and loved like no one ever has, will open the gates of abundance, creativity, love and joy flooding […]


Channeling for Soul Art Day 2014

This is the guidance I received for this Channeled Drawing I created for International Soul Art Day 2014 hosted by Laura Hollick. This drawing really stands for creating from our essence when we spiral into our core center held by our heart with loving caring hands and then expanding from this center outward connecting with […]

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Channeled Drawing Guidance in Celebration of the 30 Day Video Visibility Challenge Completion

Yeahhhh…. I finished the 30 Day “Vamp Up Your Visibility” Video Challenge completing more than 30 Videos in the past month. I started on March 1st and today is the last day of this challenge. It has been an incredible transformative experience that I like to share about in the next blog article. For the last […]