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Dance yourself free!

I am currently participating in a 30 day Video Visibility Challenge producing Videos every day and it has been quite a transformative experience that I have been posting on youtube and on my Facebook wall. Here I would like to share my dance videos as this is my true passion and has been the most […]

Watch me conceive a Personal Channeled Drawing

Here is a fast forward video of how I conceived personal channeled drawings for my client. I always find it very interesting to observe the creative process because as I am in contact with my clients energy it also reflects in the way the drawing is created. This time I left the coloring process out […]

Magic Visions unfolding

Yesterday I was contacted by lovely woman & heart entrepreneur Bethany Perry I had met 2 years ago at a business conference in LA with Christina Morassi called “Flip your switch” (I wrote about it here). She told me that during her personal transformation work she had a vision and a profound realization in with […]

Listen to your heART’s guiDANCE!

I named this new Channeled Drawing “Listen to your heArt’s guiDance” See if you can find the dancer in the image. (Hint look for red shoes). ;) What is your heart telling you right now if you’re listening in? Perhaps you can feel an impulse to translate this creatively, draw, dance, write, sing…. there is […]

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prEssence Fuel

I decided that “prEssence Fuel” will be the guiding intention for this blog this year. Anything that helps us connect with our Essence, our inner Light, our core star, our innate Being – that which is unique to you and a direct gift from the divine. Your essence is your unique creative gift to yourself […]


May We Dance 2014!

I am reading a very inspiring book at the moment called “Soulshaping” by Jeff Brown and love to share this quote with you as a New Year’s greeting. “We are each here as part of the sacred dance, stepping on each others toes and turning each other towards God, one clumsy step after another. Although […]

ENTRY – Shaping the Face of a New Magazine

If you wondered that I had been not posting much of my weekly channeled drawing guidance… here is why: I have become the Art Director/Graphic Designer of a brand new German magazine about personal development with the name ENTRY. I have been busy the last months to develop ENTRY’s new face (visual brand) and to […]

An Iconic Activation Chat with Laura Hollick

So honored to be part of Laura Hollick‘s google hang out last week, where a few guests including Amethyst Wyldfire, Laura Reid, Lisa Berkowitz and me shared a little about our activation of our own iconic essence – a term that Laura refers to our core essence that unique set of characteristic soul qualities and […]