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Fear and Marketing

Self-Marketing really is an advanced spiritual practice. You need the energetic tools and practice to be with your financial fears and abandonment wounds to come back into alignment with the safety of the moment of now and being able to radiate more of your unique essence and passion again. It takes alot of courage to […]

Learning Hebrew with Visuals.

A fun way to learn or teach anything new, create visuals! Some fun little side project that came about while talking to my Israeli friend. I love signs and was curious to learn the hebrew letters. I think they just look so beautiful. Since I am a very visual person images always help me learn […]

Creating the new visual brand for Reza Environmental

“I’ve never been one to want a tattoo (…), but have found myself in recent weeks pondering whether to get my logo imprinted on my skin. That’s how much I love it!” – Kate Reza from Reza Environmental   I proudly present you the new visual brand for my client Kate Reza from Reza Environmental – […]