If you wondered that I had been not posting much of my weekly channeled drawing guidance… here is why: I have become the Art Director/Graphic Designer of a brand new German magazine about personal development with the name ENTRY. I have been busy the last months to develop ENTRY’s new face (visual brand) and to layout the first issue which tataaaaahhh….drumroll… will be out in the magazine stores (train stations and airports) January 8th, 2014So exciting! Make sure you grab a copy if you’re in Germany and for German readers also check out the website of the magazine www.entry-online.de

To give you a little taste of it here are some images from the first issue.
Contents include:

If your curious what else I create as a designer, take a look at my portfolio here on the FULLY SEEN website.

Self-Marketing really is an advanced spiritual practice. You need the energetic tools and practice to be with your financial fears and abandonment wounds to come back into alignment with the safety of the moment of now and being able to radiate more of your unique essence and passion again. It takes alot of courage to sit this through other then to Do Do Do motivated by fear. You are a transmission and people are more attracted to whatever comes from your radiant PRessence then they are to anything motivated from fear. What helps me to remember is that in this moment I am safe!!


Beautiful how things come together sometimes. I wrote this post today how to deal with financial fear and marketing… and remembered my dear Soulsister Tanya von Zychlinsky‘s wonderful way with words that wanted to be typographed and illustrated. Viola. Love co-creationships!







Reza Environmental Logo

“I’ve never been one to want a tattoo (…), but have found myself in recent weeks pondering whether to get my logo imprinted on my skin. That’s how much I love it!” – Kate Reza from Reza Environmental


I proudly present you the new visual brand for my client Kate Reza from Reza Environmental – an environmental consulting business based in Santa Rosa, California.

Finding the form & colors that represent my client

Since my clients love and her field of expertise as a consultant are native environments her logo and visual brand was of course inspired by nature. My client’s wish was to find something that would have a simple graphic form that could perhaps be looked at in different ways like this visual of West Coast Watershed. A river or hills or just a simple elegant graphic form.

West Coast Watershed Header

I love to surround myself by plants (just like my client) so I came across my collection of dried leafs while I was brainstorming for a new logo. I always adore the texture and graphic structure and color of these leaves –  So I just can’t throw them away. And I am glad I didn’t.

RE Original Leafs

While looking at this leave with a new intention I thought it would be so perfect for my clients logo and started sketching. I looked at it from different perspectives and  realized as the outlines of the form changed that in a certain perspective it could also represent a landscape with a river much like the rolling hills of Northern California where my client has based her business.

Reza Environmental Sketches

So we choose this sketch from which I built the simplified logo design.



Together with my client who runs a small business in her home office we chose her main brand colors: a brown orange and a natural green tone which I could also spot in one of her amazing photographs of a butterfly.

Reza Environmental Brand Colors

Application to my client’s Marketing Channels

For the spread out to different maketing channels like website, stationary, etc. I decided to bring in another graphic style element to lighten up. So I experimented with the simplified logo lines to built patterns and ended up creating a pattern that was a little off the grid but really looked beautiful reminding me of a flock of birds and that also spoke to my client as a symbol for the birds that are attracted by the watersheds that she helps planning.

Reza Environmental Flock Element


My client liked to built her site with google site builder and didn’t need a complete new website design for the start. So I helped her adjust the site and the template to incorporate the brand colors & logo and designed the header graphic (banner) and integrated the graphic style element of the flock into the template. Check out the Reza Environmental Website here if you haven’t already.

Here is a little impression of Reza Environmental Website before & after:

Reza Environmental Website before and after

Stationary (Letterhead and Business Card)

I also applied the new visual elements to Kate’s stationary (incl. letterhead and business card). And here’s how her new look translates to the letter head and business card. Kate and I are really happy with it. Reza Environmental Letterhead Detail

Reza Environmental Letterhead Detail

If you think WOW! – like we do, consider a new look for your own personal brand. A visual brand that clearly represents you and your business will attract more quality clients that are aligned with your mission. 

Feel free to contact me for inquiries.

Here is what Kate says about her experience working with me:

” Working with Wibke was amazing. I initially went to her for logo design because I’ve seen her amazing artwork and know that she is closely connected to the natural world. I checked out her website and saw that her professional work is impressive. Working with her professionally was great! She made sure she understood my intentions for my business and what I wanted in a design and then provided me with several options. She was very open to my suggestions and didn’t rest until her products (my logo and marketing items) were perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend Wibke. I worked with her from a distance – she is in Europe and I in the western US – and received personal, professional service that resulted in a logo that I absolutely love! “

Kate RezaReza Environmental


If your curious what else I created as a brand designer, take a look at my portfolio here on the FULLY SEEN website.