With a little bit of delay but right in divine time with today’s full Supermoon the new Channeled Drawing for this week of July 22 – July 28, 2013.

It seems to me we are being called into our hearts, to feel our passion and let its wisdom speak and space created and realize how and if its frequency actually resonnates with our surrounding.

I can feel the sound waves being send out and also being received from the universe, constantly aligning and reprogramming with our higher purpose and that of the planet and the universe.

These are potent times for sure. I love the 3 eyes that see different perspectives yet for a unity in some way. I can feel the elements present here with the fire, water, air and earth.
It’s a fine skill to balance all elements in a way that is beneficial for our growth. Sometimes we need to cool our fires and sometimes we need to bring more air to spark the flames of our hearts desires.

What is it gonna be for you this week? Cooling down or firing up or finding the balance?

It’s definately emotional this week as we head towards the next magical upgrade from the heavens next monday as it is said the planets will form a sextile, a star of david or merkaba that in this constellation last appeared after WWII. So it seems to me a good sign of uplifting energies. Feel free to read more about it in the interwebs. I am not an astrologer however as highly intuitive I can just feel the change in the air and especially in my cells. That much that it actually knocked me out with a flu for a few days. That seems to happen to some sensitive people in order to cleanse and release old stuck patterns in form of mucus and such from our systems to create more space to welcome the new energies. I kind of see that represented in the white space in the drawing as it would be in the troat area that has been cleansed in my system.

Love to hear your thoughts on the drawing and how you are managing the energetic waves this week.

With love and cosmic giggles,




Here is the Channeled Drawing for the coming week.

I can spot some very energetic and some calming elements in this one. I am really curious where your imagination is going looking this image and what kind story you can tell and perhaps what kind of guidance you can draw from it.

Love to hear your comments as always and feel free to share with your frineds to get more input, ideas inspiration for yourself. It could be a fun conversation with someone ;) So enjoy.

Here is what I see and what it means to me:

I see a rattle snake that sends out a warning or urgency to act or not re-act. Snakes are also a symbol for the kundalini energy, the creative life force energy and so I believe this week is another great opportunity to look at how we can express our creative life force in inspiring creations. The little flame there at the end of the rattle seems like ignited in some way. Perhaps the snake and the rattle also symbolized fears that we have around expressing our creativity and allow ourselves to dream or manifest our creative longings into being.

The central piece to me is like a heart space with many expanding layers radiating from this being or perhaps revealing this being inside. It could be the playful child perhaps? I see the dots that cold be the cells that are supporting us in our creative wave if we listen to our body’s natural rhythm. The middle seems like a flow of honey to me juicy, sweet nourishing.

The figure on the right looks like a white cat to me almost like a statue and it tells me to keep the balance between actively creating, imagining and just being present and receiving the visions or perhaps the need to resting to balance the creative expressions to integrate the expansion waves.

There’s a rainbow that also like a field. Reminds me of “the field of dreams” which kinda seems to catch on fire from the power of the sun. We all know the sun is very active at the moment and can have an influence on our creative wave in many ways.

In summary this drawing calls me to look at what keeps me from creating my dream and connect more with what inspires me to reveal and create from my heart space and expand the field of the heart in co-creation with the life pulse and keeping the balance of doing and being.

Guiding questions for contemplation and exploration:

– What fear keeps you from expanding into your creative bliss?
– How can you balance your active creative expression with an inner beingness?

Have a magic creative week,
with cosmic giggles,




Here is this week’s new channeled drawing.
I am still looking for a title. Maybe you can help me out?

Take a look and help me out with letting me know what you see and how it moves you.
I don’t have a video this week to dive into guidance and meaning so I appreciate any comments or suggestion you have.

Have a great week!!!




A lot of energy recalibration is happening right now in the earth grids and in our cellular structures. It feels almost like a storm and indeed right now we are hit by another wave of solar winds that – if you are sensitive – may cause headaches, tiredness or insomnia or an intense need to rest and let the universe do it’s thing. So self-care is extremely important as always ;)

This weeks Channeled Drawing represents itself rather interesting.
What does it evoke in you?

Weekly Channeled Drawing June 30 – July 7, 2013

Here is my soul’s guidance for this week’s drawing. Love to hear yours.
Please share in the comments below.

Questions for deeper exploration:

  • What will help you to open you arms to welcome all that the storm brings and still stay in your heart core to keep the balance and distill it into a nourishing flow?

With stormy cosmic hugs,


Aloha, happy Solstice and Strawberry Super Moon everyone!

Now what is a strawberry super moon? Well a super moon is when the moon appears closest to the earth as it wobbles around the earth in more of an elliptical way. It sometimes looks bigger when it rises and since it is the month of strawberries (my favorites) perhaps that’s why it is called that way or the moon appears more red? Check it out for yourself. The scientific term is perigee. So we are invited to look at issues of distance and closeness, day and night, light and shadow.

So this weeks channeled drawing is presencing an interesting reflection of that. But see for yourself and let it speak to you – let your mind wander and take a imaginative journey.

I share more about this drawing and the issue of integrating the shadow in this video:

Questions for deeper exploration:

  • How far do you keep your shadow from your heart. Are you willing to look at it and bring it closer to your heart?
  • Connect with your inner wild cat and let it make sounds to help you connect with your deeper feelings to be expressed and integrated into your fullness of being.

Love to hear about your insights and experiences in the comments below,

with purring love and cosmic giggles,




I don’t have too many words to share this week. It’s more about being with what is.
And so here is the channeled drawing for this week.

Some self-care inspirations for this week:

Remember a happy moment in your childhood and revisit the scene and look at yourself, take yourself in energetically, merge with her/him and invite her to visit a younger version of yourself in a moment of lonliness, seperation and despair. Take that little one in your arms with the energy of the happy child and infuse her with that feeling and your love. See if you get a smile from any of yourselves.

Here is a little inspirational video from a little girl who perfectly demonstrates how easy it is to connect from the heart.

View Video here  (Note: it links to facebook, hope you are signed up.)

And a special bonus sound channeling healing codes to clear and align your energy field that came through tonight:

If you like to share your impressions of the drawing or with the little self-care exercise, i love to read your sharings and your wisdom in the comments.

Have a tender-filled week
with cosmic giggles,



This week I actually did a few drawings which you can see below. I feel there is a shift happening this week and the guidance I am receiving is less directly from the drawing itself and more about the process of creative channeling because the reason why I am actually sharing these drawings is to encourage you to use your own artistry, your creativity to explore and connect with your own soul, your higher self and learning how to receive your own guidance and learn your souls language. There are so many wonderful creative ways to connect with one self. Explore how you want to start communicating with your own soul… which of your gifts (and yes you have many) you feel curious about and just play with an exploring, curious intention where it may lead you. I am curious what magic will unfold for you.

As I don’t have much of an reading for you this week I am asking you to give yourself and everyone in this tribe a reading in terms of what are your associations and insights for yourself this week and please share it in the comments below.

Here is what my guidance wants you to know this week. Just click on the image to view my video reading on youtube.

If you like to go deeper here are some question for your personal exploration:

  • What are my favorite creative tools of self-expression?
  • How can I use one of my gifts to connect deeper with myself on a daily basis?

Do you have the courage to share your essence through your creative work? Please take a picture or record your exploration and post it to my facebook page here. I look forward to your offering and your exploration.

If you feel in need of support discovering your unique gifts and aligning more with your soul’s purpose check out my special Divine Alignment & Creative Transformation Sessions here, where we explore more deeply your core qualities and aligning your energy field so you can use your own gifts to reconnect to your soul’s purpose and manifest your longings.

Here is also a peek of one of the other drawings that came through earlier this week.

Enjoy your week and I look forward to read your comments and sharings as well.

with cosmic giggles,



This weeks channeled drawing is connected to my recent experience of revisiting a past life in a different space and time and world. I know this might be stretching your minds a little but perhaps not. Anyone who knows me a little longer won’t be surprised. And honestly who hasn’t felt abit out of this world or alien from time to time?

Anyhow here is my drawing. Don’t you like this funny fellow?

How does this drawing make you feel? What do you see? What are your associations?
In this video I share briefly my insights and guidance.

Here are some guiding questions for this week

– What moves you in this life?
– How do you connect with your soul?
– What gifts are you bringing to this world?

Feel free to share your insights, comments, questions below. Love to connect with you.
If you feel you love more support to align with your divine purpose check out my special offer for Divine Purpose Alignment Sessions. There are still a few spots available.

Have an amazing moving week,
with love and cosmic giggles,



This is the new channeled drawing for this coming week. Seems rather sacred to me.

If you received your own message from the drawing listen to what message has transpired for me in this video.

Some questions for self-reflection:

-What are your sacred children / projects?
-What kind of support you long for to be able to create your dream?

Looking forward to your comments and insights below.

Have a divine week with cosmic giggles,



Well this week’s Channeled Drawing is abit unusual in every way as it manifested as a co-creation with my dear friend on top of the mountain “Katrin” in the wonderful Austrian alps after my expansive graduation week from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  It is a tradition to leave your name and some thoughts in a “peak book” (Gipfelbuch) which is on top of each mountain peak. So we decided to leave a channeled drawing up there on the last free page that was available. So here it is… (click to enlarge- sorry no color this time!) Only the sky painted along with some raindrops that came out of the blue sunny sky (talk about wonders)!

So this time there is no video reading for it but I would love to hear from you in the comments what you see and perhaps what it may reveal as guidance for yourself. I’m really curious to hear.

BTW to share more wonders: we saw a snake on our hike up and a buzzard (hawk like bird of prey) on the way down. Both animals are significant power animals. also I had lost my sunglasses on the way and felt a bit bummed but let it go and at the Alm waiting for the lift a man ran up to me (that had passed us before) and brought me my sunglasses ;)

Back down in the valley we were surprised by a thunderstorm with hail to massage our heads (ahhaha) and to be gifted with a rainbow later. Since it was my graduation I had seen rainbows for 3 days each day and this was one of them. But the most magical one was a rainbow around the sun (halo) on our last day together. I’ve seen this kind of rainbow a few times always in the company of a dear soul friend. I feel the smirk of the rainbow and the heavens accompanying our journey with delight and magic.

So this week’s inspirations for self-exploration

  • Who would you like to co-create with and what?
  • What significant signs and symbols showed up for you this week and how do they make you feel?

Love to hear your sharings in the comments.

Have a fantastic rest of the week.
with cosmic giggles,