Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance
Readings of Channeled Drawings tuning into the coming weeks energetic potential.

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 1, 2017

I restarted my channeled drawing practice for personal guidance and connection again and sharing these 2 process videos with you here.

The first one reveals the spring vibes that are so present now with all the fresh greens and rich blossoms everywhere. Truly delightful how it raises my creative energy.

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 2, 2017

For this drawing I had an intention to explore more about my “money honey” – understanding my money flow. The drawing isn’t super attractive as art but that’s not what this is about. it’s super interesting how the creative process revealed so much insight… starting with lines and structure then weaving in flow, nurturing drops & streams, growing leaves ? and roots, connecting to networks – turned into an entire self sufficient eco system… ? In the end the coloring also revealed through the pink color – that money’s purpose is all to nurture love – infuse love ❤️!!! How wise… and seriously, I didn’t think about anything while drawing! All reveals itself as I’m letting go of pre-thought images and concepts! Cool right? Learn the process yourself here ??Free video tutorial & ebook, just scroll down to sign up for the newsletter and you receive your gift.


Please share your discoveries if anything in these drawings sprang out to you in the comments below. You can follow me on my Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see the most fresh drawings from the day.
Comment below if you use intuitive art for guidance too or have tried this process for yourself and what did you receive? We have a FB Group here where you can share your own drawigings and receive feedback and inspiration from others.

This channeled Drawing manifested last Thursday November 29, 2013 in my creative intelligence class while people in some parts of the world celebrated ThanksGiving and others celebrate Chanukkah and others like me were following the journey of comet ISON to rendezvous with the sun.

It’s just amazing how events align on one day sometimes. Since I am doing my 30 Days of Gratitude posts I’m even more aware of the magic that unfolds everyday. ThanksGiving is celebrating this journey of gratitude and Channuka also celebrates the miracle of light. How amazing that ISON – a comet – meets with Earth’s light and live giving source on that day. It’s such a beautiful sign and inspiration for me taking the journey again diving into my own creative life force / passion and cosmic essence to nurture myself and others.

I found this amazing quote in a presentation of Alex Grey that summed up my heART’s mission:

“Art is an echo of the creative force that births the galaxies. Creativity is a way that the cosmos evolves and communicates with itself” – Alex Grey


Watch Alex Grey’s TED presentation and I hope you are as inspired as I am.



This weeks drawing has much detail and intense colors – unfortunatly my scanner cannot pick up… so image the yellow being neon orange color and some of the purple neon pink.

As I just channeled this I felt a sort of free flow and deeper letting go of the outcome. Just kept drawing not knowing what it would be… as this is how I always do it… yet I felt a deeper level of trust and in that a certain presence observing.

I can now see this as well in what the drawing shows me… these blue little creatures… seems like old friends, little helpers, guides supporting their soulfamily on earth.

The fire aspect is prominent as well as some air in form of a cloud or steam in the upper right corner… but maybe it is an unmanifested blue friend as well. What do you think?

I am still curious about this heart that seems to be kind of floating or being delivered by another blue shaped form. One could see it as lost but it is not my feeling with it… maybe its a shared one, an offered one. It has gone through some darkness however is whole and deep. That’s how I feel it.

The man and the woman both seem resting in some way… however holding a connection. The man is reaching for or holding the fire that is seems to radiate from the feminine figure all surrounded by rose color clouds and waves.

I have a peaceful feeling with this drawing eventhough there is much activity in the lines… I keep being curious about it. Are you?

How well can you find that resting place while there is so much changes in your surroundings. Can you find that observer in yourself that looks with peace and loving kindness at whatever is happening?

It often helps me to concentrate on my breath or listen to the silence between the sounds. It enhances my presence and I feel more alive.

I wish you a effortless kind creative week,
with cosmic giggles,



This weeks channeled drawing brings even more dolphin energy.
See for yourself.


The one dolphin seems really cute and young and perhaps reminds us to tap even more into the playful aspects within ourself when we create our life.

COME PLAY! Bring your inner child to your daily routine.

The other dolphin seems a little further away and perhaps it may represent the elder part of us… not sure. However both of them create a circular motion and flow… so perhaps to find a balance between letting our inner child play and at the same time keep the wider view and direction of the creation in sight. Finding the balance.
The dolphin is covering the right side of the woman’s face. And as someone pointed out to me perhaps it is pointing the right brain… our systemic, logic, linear thinking and the dolphin as more of a flow, intuitive “left” brain representative here suggests to also balance our right brain and bring in more flow into our planning, thinking and systems as we are used to. 

And perhaps you see much more and different things. I am curious to know. Share your view in the comments below.

Wishing you a splashing playful focused flow for this week,
with cosmic giggles,



Seems like this week’s channeled drawing might point to the recent sun stroms and magnetic changes happening.

When I recognize on the woman figure a spot on top of her head over where that dark shadow figure is sitting. It reminds me of a picture I saw from the sun with a darker spot on top (can’t publish it here but you can find it on the webs).

I feel alot of sun activity, transformations, transfigurations, frequency changes (see the black lines that look like sound wave visuals!). Sound healing might be very effective if you suffer from the effects of solar flares like headaches, messed up sleeping patterns, sickness, flu, eye problems and such.

So what about that rosy slug or transfigured dolphin and the little blue being?

Well the “base” of all changes is for more love to come through… to ride on the wave of love and the dolphin as well as the rose color symbolize “love”. The little blue figure for me looks like a butterfly (a symbol of transformation) and at the same time it looks like a little alien friend of mine. He’s bringing greetings from my galactic family… cheering us in the process of intense transformations that are happening right now on this planet and in our lives.

So no matter what shadows will appear this week in the process … try to feel the love that is beneath it all and ride the waves with as much joy as you can. It’s not as serious as you think it is. We are supported in our journey to shine our love in its purest form.
Listen to amazing sound channels like Tom Kenyon, KellyRose Zuvuya and many others. I will be recording my own in the coming week. So check back here if you like.

Wishing you a bright new week.
Take good care of yourself and sing no matter what.
with cosmic giggles,







Seems we are continuing the theme of listening this week. Can you see it?

Last week we were encouraged to listen in to the depth of love in ourselves.

This week I see strings creating a harp like form connecting two people. In the original drawing the color here is neon orange. So I feel a lot of passion there. There are no mouths – non-verbal communication. Their hearts seem to connect at each person’s roots and from there to the other. And signals in rose color are send out on the left side. These signals have the same color then the hearts so perhaps from the musical conversation between 2 people the frequency of love transmits in the universe.

The drawing shows 2 faces kind of opposing eachother… which could be 2 people or 2 aspects within ourselves. One is looking in representing perhaps the feminine aspect and the other looking out the masculine aspect. Perhaps we are encouraged to pay attention to what kind of music we create in our relationships with others and within ourself arising from the contrast of our being and doing…. intuition, knowing and action.

Are you creating a symphony of love or more like a punk rock song? In any case the universe is receiving your music and reflecting it back. Perhaps some notes could be modulated to create new harmonies? Or perhaps you want to play more music with others. Give it a try.

What do you see and feel? 

Wishing you a synphonious new week,
with cosmic giggles,



This weeks Channeled Drawing presents itself with a clear message.

Please share what you see in this drawing and what it inspired you to, what your phantasy guides you to receive as s message for yourself or others.

This time I’ll be posting my insight a little later this week as the drawing to me clearly says listening into the depth. So I’ll be doing that and share my insights later.

So please leave your wisdom in the comments and check back later in the week if you are interested in my reading.

Have a wonder-filled week.
With cosmic giggles,



This week’s Channeled Drawing is received in the high of a very energetic time.

So here is the drawing:


I feel it reflects the new dimensions and feminine ways of being and manifesting.

I see a right hand (right action) with an opening in the middle with layers that seem to go deeper down into a open space illuminated with a yellow glowing light coming from one side.
Also the 6 pointed star (star of david or merkaba) is presented in the left corner creating a network of different light frequencies. The blue and the brown, water and earth that are represented by the planets in the formation of the rare sextile that is appearing on Monday July 29th in the heavens and is said to be a very special sign. I am not going into the meaning as I am not an astrologer or anything however since it appears on the drawing the feeling that I read from it intuitivly is a coming together of different powerful energies or frequencies, a unification that forms a new structure which represents wholeness and connection whihc also helps the new dimensions to ground on earth.

The flowers on the left side remind me of the beauty of creation, to create beautiful things in a feminine – intuitive way and/or appreciate the beauty of nature to help us shift into this new awareness, ground the new depth of connection.

I am sure you can see more and read more details from it from your own perception and understanding. I love to hear your comments as always. Feel free to share them here in the comments below.

Have a be-you-ti-full uplifting and peaceful week,
with cosmic giggles,



With a little bit of delay but right in divine time with today’s full Supermoon the new Channeled Drawing for this week of July 22 – July 28, 2013.

It seems to me we are being called into our hearts, to feel our passion and let its wisdom speak and space created and realize how and if its frequency actually resonnates with our surrounding.

I can feel the sound waves being send out and also being received from the universe, constantly aligning and reprogramming with our higher purpose and that of the planet and the universe.

These are potent times for sure. I love the 3 eyes that see different perspectives yet for a unity in some way. I can feel the elements present here with the fire, water, air and earth.
It’s a fine skill to balance all elements in a way that is beneficial for our growth. Sometimes we need to cool our fires and sometimes we need to bring more air to spark the flames of our hearts desires.

What is it gonna be for you this week? Cooling down or firing up or finding the balance?

It’s definately emotional this week as we head towards the next magical upgrade from the heavens next monday as it is said the planets will form a sextile, a star of david or merkaba that in this constellation last appeared after WWII. So it seems to me a good sign of uplifting energies. Feel free to read more about it in the interwebs. I am not an astrologer however as highly intuitive I can just feel the change in the air and especially in my cells. That much that it actually knocked me out with a flu for a few days. That seems to happen to some sensitive people in order to cleanse and release old stuck patterns in form of mucus and such from our systems to create more space to welcome the new energies. I kind of see that represented in the white space in the drawing as it would be in the troat area that has been cleansed in my system.

Love to hear your thoughts on the drawing and how you are managing the energetic waves this week.

With love and cosmic giggles,




Here is the Channeled Drawing for the coming week.

I can spot some very energetic and some calming elements in this one. I am really curious where your imagination is going looking this image and what kind story you can tell and perhaps what kind of guidance you can draw from it.

Love to hear your comments as always and feel free to share with your frineds to get more input, ideas inspiration for yourself. It could be a fun conversation with someone ;) So enjoy.

Here is what I see and what it means to me:

I see a rattle snake that sends out a warning or urgency to act or not re-act. Snakes are also a symbol for the kundalini energy, the creative life force energy and so I believe this week is another great opportunity to look at how we can express our creative life force in inspiring creations. The little flame there at the end of the rattle seems like ignited in some way. Perhaps the snake and the rattle also symbolized fears that we have around expressing our creativity and allow ourselves to dream or manifest our creative longings into being.

The central piece to me is like a heart space with many expanding layers radiating from this being or perhaps revealing this being inside. It could be the playful child perhaps? I see the dots that cold be the cells that are supporting us in our creative wave if we listen to our body’s natural rhythm. The middle seems like a flow of honey to me juicy, sweet nourishing.

The figure on the right looks like a white cat to me almost like a statue and it tells me to keep the balance between actively creating, imagining and just being present and receiving the visions or perhaps the need to resting to balance the creative expressions to integrate the expansion waves.

There’s a rainbow that also like a field. Reminds me of “the field of dreams” which kinda seems to catch on fire from the power of the sun. We all know the sun is very active at the moment and can have an influence on our creative wave in many ways.

In summary this drawing calls me to look at what keeps me from creating my dream and connect more with what inspires me to reveal and create from my heart space and expand the field of the heart in co-creation with the life pulse and keeping the balance of doing and being.

Guiding questions for contemplation and exploration:

– What fear keeps you from expanding into your creative bliss?
– How can you balance your active creative expression with an inner beingness?

Have a magic creative week,
with cosmic giggles,