The music that came to today was actually this sound healing prayer that came through me towards the end of a Meditation for Israel and Palestine. I initially discovered sound healing also through intuitive play with my voice and toning a few years back inspired by my dear friend Kellyrose Zuvuya. Today it’s gotten more refined and so I use it in my private healing practice to realign and clear or “fine-tune” energy fields. I now transmit different voices in ancient light language (so I’ve been told) of the Galactic Star tribes, Earth Keepers and personal higher self guides. You can hear the different characters in this recording. All soul-laborate in the multidimensional healing of the torn energetic structures in the Middle East Region. This may just sound like a bunch of weird sounds if your listen only on the surface… however if you tune into the energy through your heart you can feel the precise yet caring energy transmission.

Mind the recording quality… that is not my zone of genius… however the energy transmission is.

And this is another intuitive sound piece for integration: