This sound prayer came through a few days ago and I’ve been playing with it in the sound editing space. Somehow this virtual male voice found it’s way into the recording and after some getting adjusted to listen to this – I really feel this playful sound channel has morphed into a powerful divine alchemic prayer for creation from an empowered feminine and masculine balance or unity. So listening to it I feel that empowerment fueling my being and I am sharing it here so you may experience for yourself and perhaps receive some empowerment vibes. I’d be actually curious how this is effecting you in terms of feelings, energetic vibes etc. Love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much Love, *W*

I’ve never been able to translate the sound language into our language as it contains a spectrum of codes that are not really fitting human language concepts … however I am really amazed to receive this translation from a dear healer colleague and love to share it with you.

Shine from your soul
Anchor yourself deeply in the earth
Follow the flow of the energy
Center yourself in the deepest of the earth your mother
Center yourself in the deepest of the — your father
Turn yourself towards the sky bearer of inspiration
Look at the stars and how they shine
Be the reflection of this beautiful light on earth
Shine of this beautiful light and energy
Let the flow run through you
Open yourself and let the energies penetrate you
The energy of your mother the earth
The energy of your father the —
Each energy is complementary to the other
Let these energies connect and reinforce each other
Together they form your core and your inner pillar
Charge them with the energies around you
The energy of your mother the earth
The energy of your sisters the stars
Let this energy thrill you and through you

Translation through G.C.