I collected all timlapse videos from my channeled drawing practice in May 2017.
It was a great refreshment of my channeled drawing practice, fun to watch and hopefully you get inspired to pick up the pen yourself.

Let me know in the comments what sparked for you… watching these.

If you want to try the process in person with me and a group of other creative explorers, your are invited to “Creative Pleasure” – a BodyExplorerIntensive Day for Women!

Together with my fellow tigress, friend, collegue Ilan Stephani from Kali’s Kuss & 101milesofsexualhealing.com I am facilitating a
Workshop in Berlin on September 10th, 2017
at Mariposa (Monumentenstr. 25)
from 2pm – 4pm.




Channeled Drawing of the day: it reveals the integration, activation and expansion of a session I had today with my colleague Samiel Carolina. She guided me into my creatrix center the womb and specifically the right overy called for my attention. She represents the attraction energy in the creative cycle… this drawing further enlightened me about the need for structure, support, safety and #boundaries in order to rest, let go and open to #receiving. During the coloring I could feel there was like an activation of gene keys happening. The outer rings also feel like a stargate that gets activated with the filling of certain segments of it. And in the end a very firm divine feminine energy was manifesting in the outer rim like a moon shape? – very protective. I just love the expanding energy and the colors of this drawing…


This Channled Drawing Process for today May 8, 2017… revealed to me insight about how to offer and activate some of the seeds aka gifts to grow and bloom in my self-nurturing system. Remember the drawing about my money eco system?


Todays drawing surprised me with its vulnerable innocence yet strong feminine mystical presence. I was asking for guidance a personal issue and the appearance of this drawing , in what it shows but also how it manifested reminded me to be gentle to my heart and strong in my presence – honoring the divine determined force in myself that enables me to surrender in moments I would rather call out my warrioress or collapse completely. The energies present for me are sacred humility, self honoring, vulnerability, love, deep knowing trust.


In todays drawing appeared 2 spirals that are connected and seem to be complimenting another – like a feminine and masculine aspect of something that belongs together or is of the same source. The glowing centers are like the core essence of each radiating in their space – one more to the left the other more to the right. And the well of drops or watersourounding or coming out of this. Perhaps its water of life, or some emotions being processed in the purification of the two. An anciant code connects the 2 spirals. Feels very powerful to me.


Today in the drawing appeared a moon-sun. i love how the ? moon shaps into a sun ☀️uniting the feminine and masculine in this symbology…. Everything else seems pretty clearly revealing itself. It’s a reflection of a liberation journey, revealing the pure and raw woman within daring mire to be seen in her essence. Hiding as part of this process …












I am continuing my (almost) daily channeled drawing practice again after a few years of only doing commissions and here and there personal channelings for myself or in group I taught. And I am totally enjoying the enlivening effect it has in my life right now. Truly the creative flow and the daily guidance is getting a refuel and deepening in trust and joy.

Today we have the full moon energies in an very intense emotional fueled sign: scorpio plus this moon – in the buddhist tradition (which I actually at some point in my life ordained in as a lay practitioner) – the birth/arrival of the Buddha is celebrated. They call it Vesak. So pretty promising!

So without even trying to interpret anything based on astrology and history… (not my thing) I just felt into myself sourcing my rather intense emotions today and so I asked for guidance in a personal matter.

My drawing surprised me with its vulnerable innocence yet strong feminine mystical presence. I received guidance not only from what shows figuratively in the end but also the way it manifested rather quick, simple and determined. It reminded me to be gentle to my heart and strong in my presence – honoring the divine determined force in myself that enables me to surrender in moments I would rather call out my warrioress or collapse completely. The energies to amplify in me are sacred humility, grace, self honoring, vulnerability, love, deep knowing trust when it comes to facing this personal issue.

Just looking at the image now I receive a clear energy transmission that builts on my core. So grateful for this gift manifested through me. Hope you enjoy watching the process in the video.

Here is the image as well.



Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 1, 2017

I restarted my channeled drawing practice for personal guidance and connection again and sharing these 2 process videos with you here.

The first one reveals the spring vibes that are so present now with all the fresh greens and rich blossoms everywhere. Truly delightful how it raises my creative energy.

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 2, 2017

For this drawing I had an intention to explore more about my “money honey” – understanding my money flow. The drawing isn’t super attractive as art but that’s not what this is about. it’s super interesting how the creative process revealed so much insight… starting with lines and structure then weaving in flow, nurturing drops & streams, growing leaves ? and roots, connecting to networks – turned into an entire self sufficient eco system… ? In the end the coloring also revealed through the pink color – that money’s purpose is all to nurture love – infuse love ❤️!!! How wise… and seriously, I didn’t think about anything while drawing! All reveals itself as I’m letting go of pre-thought images and concepts! Cool right? Learn the process yourself here ??Free video tutorial & ebook, just scroll down to sign up for the newsletter and you receive your gift.


Please share your discoveries if anything in these drawings sprang out to you in the comments below. You can follow me on my Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see the most fresh drawings from the day.
Comment below if you use intuitive art for guidance too or have tried this process for yourself and what did you receive? We have a FB Group here where you can share your own drawigings and receive feedback and inspiration from others.

I am currently participating in a 30 day Video Visibility Challenge producing Videos every day and it has been quite a transformative experience that I have been posting on youtube and on my Facebook wall.

Here I would like to share my dance videos as this is my true passion and has been the most effective transformation tool for myself since my teenage years to express myself freely and explore the intricate relationship between the physical and the non-physical as the music just changes my body and spirit.

Feel free to dance along. I will be hosting a “Creative Channeling Play Date” in the early summer this year where we will do alot of dancing, drawing, painting, photos, music and what not to presence our spirit and giving it creative space to express itself however it wants to. You’ll be amazed how magically you’ll be changed without even trying.

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So here are some of my dance videos. Enjoy! Video Password: awi

Happy Wibke from Antonia Wibke Heidelmann on Vimeo.

W* Dance: Ludovico Einaudi from Antonia Wibke Heidelmann on Vimeo.

30 Day Video Visibility Challenge / Day 21: Dance to Night Air from Antonia Wibke Heidelmann on Vimeo.

Dance Moves – Gregor Meyle – Frei mit Dir from Antonia Wibke Heidelmann on Vimeo.

Day 7 – 30 Day Video Challenge: Move it! from Antonia Wibke Heidelmann on Vimeo.

I am reading a very inspiring book at the moment called “Soulshaping” by Jeff Brown and love to share this quote with you as a New Year’s greeting.

“We are each here as part of the sacred dance, stepping on each others toes and turning each other towards God, one clumsy step after another. Although the ultimate romance is with your own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. Every entelechy is a buried treasure, essential to the advancement of the collective soul. If we get off the dance floor, we postpone others lessons too.”

Thank you for the dance and keep exploring new moves dear SeeStars & ProStars!


So honored to be part of Laura Hollick‘s google hang out last week, where a few guests including Amethyst Wyldfire, Laura Reid, Lisa Berkowitz and me shared a little about our activation of our own iconic essence – a term that Laura refers to our core essence that unique set of characteristic soul qualities and artistry that we came here with as a gift to ourselves and the world. Something I am really excited about on my own journey activating my own iconic essence and that of others as well thorugh my creative transformation work.

In this video (recorded live December 2, 2013) I briefly share alittle how I came to develop my channeled drawings… and it is so inspiring to listen to everyone’s activation as well. Truly uplifting.



This channeled Drawing manifested last Thursday November 29, 2013 in my creative intelligence class while people in some parts of the world celebrated ThanksGiving and others celebrate Chanukkah and others like me were following the journey of comet ISON to rendezvous with the sun.

It’s just amazing how events align on one day sometimes. Since I am doing my 30 Days of Gratitude posts I’m even more aware of the magic that unfolds everyday. ThanksGiving is celebrating this journey of gratitude and Channuka also celebrates the miracle of light. How amazing that ISON – a comet – meets with Earth’s light and live giving source on that day. It’s such a beautiful sign and inspiration for me taking the journey again diving into my own creative life force / passion and cosmic essence to nurture myself and others.

I found this amazing quote in a presentation of Alex Grey that summed up my heART’s mission:

“Art is an echo of the creative force that births the galaxies. Creativity is a way that the cosmos evolves and communicates with itself” – Alex Grey


Watch Alex Grey’s TED presentation and I hope you are as inspired as I am.



A lot of energy recalibration is happening right now in the earth grids and in our cellular structures. It feels almost like a storm and indeed right now we are hit by another wave of solar winds that – if you are sensitive – may cause headaches, tiredness or insomnia or an intense need to rest and let the universe do it’s thing. So self-care is extremely important as always ;)

This weeks Channeled Drawing represents itself rather interesting.
What does it evoke in you?

Weekly Channeled Drawing June 30 – July 7, 2013

Here is my soul’s guidance for this week’s drawing. Love to hear yours.
Please share in the comments below.

Questions for deeper exploration:

  • What will help you to open you arms to welcome all that the storm brings and still stay in your heart core to keep the balance and distill it into a nourishing flow?

With stormy cosmic hugs,


Aloha, happy Solstice and Strawberry Super Moon everyone!

Now what is a strawberry super moon? Well a super moon is when the moon appears closest to the earth as it wobbles around the earth in more of an elliptical way. It sometimes looks bigger when it rises and since it is the month of strawberries (my favorites) perhaps that’s why it is called that way or the moon appears more red? Check it out for yourself. The scientific term is perigee. So we are invited to look at issues of distance and closeness, day and night, light and shadow.

So this weeks channeled drawing is presencing an interesting reflection of that. But see for yourself and let it speak to you – let your mind wander and take a imaginative journey.

I share more about this drawing and the issue of integrating the shadow in this video:

Questions for deeper exploration:

  • How far do you keep your shadow from your heart. Are you willing to look at it and bring it closer to your heart?
  • Connect with your inner wild cat and let it make sounds to help you connect with your deeper feelings to be expressed and integrated into your fullness of being.

Love to hear about your insights and experiences in the comments below,

with purring love and cosmic giggles,




This video is a composite channel art that manifested while I was doing what I love being in nature, in the forrest, listening to the flowing, joyful creek and looking at the fresh grown green leaves dancing in the sunlight. I recorded myself singing sounds that seem like words that feel quite native to me. Just recently (this was recorded about a year ago) I came to understand that I am channeling a sort of light code language with healing frequencies. Most people feel a sense of grounding, trust and peace. Next I recorded a japanese bell that was given to me for my ordination into the order of Interbeing (a buddhist practice community founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – who I studied with for 2 years) and then put all 3 tracks together randomly without any adjusting… and this is the result. A magic prayer to the elements, mother earth and father sky all connected. In-joy!