Hello, this is Awi.

Intuitive, Artist, Creative Mentor &
Brand Designer

As an infinite creative explorer I’m most curious about what sparks creation, change and connection while adoring nature’s beauty, playing with colors and following other seemingly random things that often lead to the right insights, people and places when needed. My art is an expression of my creative intuitive exploration and liberation journey.

I enjoy many creative playing fields from intuitive drawing, painting and sound to graphic art and photography that I also love to remix and remaster.

Intuitive Art has taught me that …

… the magic lies in the creative process
… not knowing creates the space to reveal magic
… it’s actually fun to let go of control
… that randomness can reveal direction
… it has the power to shift my mood and fuel my batteries

You’ll find some of my creative works & musings on this website in the blog & galleries as well as creative events I randomly feel sparked to create or co-create. Yes, some of my original work is for sale! If interested, send me an email for inquiry. If you are looking for my personal brand & design services, please surf on to my business site “FULLY SEEN” over here.


Channeled Drawing

In 2011 I discovered »Channeled Drawing« as a personal intuitive art practice to nurture my creative joy, attunement and inner guidance. I have also used this creative process to offer workshops and readings to many people, who in effect felt a rekindled creative flow, receiving personal insights in exploring fun details of the process and depictions.

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Fluid Art

Playing with colors will forever be my way to charge my batteries and boost my joy.

Photo Art

The fun started 2014 with an app called “DUBBLE” which remixed my photos randomly with those of strangers. No control and pure magic – I couldn’t stop!


I’ve had a camera since I was a little girl. It became my tool to follow my curiosity, to stop and take a closer look at my surroundings and finding art & magic everywhere. Bringing out the hidden beauty in authentic expressions of people gives me that sense of intimacy that nurtures my soul.

Guidebook Title

Learn how to create Channeled Drawings to fuel your creativity & receive soul guidance.

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