Awi is an intuitive artist, creative mentor, graphic designer and energy healer who is passionate to empower conscious creators to dare to be fully seen, reveal + claim their inner creative power, become the author of their own life story in honor of the amazing being they are and the creative heart work they are here to do.

Secrecy, separation and abuse had a deep impact challenging her self value and ability to intimately connect with and trust others but also enabled her to refine her intuitive senses and find unique creative ways to reconnect with her own soul essence and life force and tend to her heart’s scars through deep inner work, dance and soulmate support. In the process she discovered intuitive art as a guidance & integration tool. 2017 she appeared in court as a witness to sexual abuse and received  justice. This opportunity changed her trust in life forever.

She continually learns to trust and follow her innate guidance on ever deepening levels, integrating trauma through creativity and energetic bodywork releasing new life force into creative projects and finding inspiration in nature & adventure.

Through her own journey she knows how to playfully guide others through personal process work and creative journeys to integrate trauma, reignite creative expression, reconnect and align with their soul essence and heart calling so they as well can channel their liberated life force back into creative projects and passionate relationships.

In 2011 – during her 4 year training as professional energy healer at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing – she developed a unique Channeled Drawing technique to reconnect deeper with hidden emotions, subconscious motivations and discovered how to use this creative process as an inner guidance tool to get intuitive insights and energetic clearing. She shares her creations in this blog, instagram and facebook. She has been giving “Channeled Drawing Soul Readings” to a wide range of people from all walks of life and teaches this process to others through intuitive art adventures on- and offline. Get a free video tutorial and a guiding eBook on how to read intuitive art when you sign up for the newsletter below.

Awi is also the founder and creatrix of FULLY SEEN – enabling conscious creative entrepreneurs & change makers to connect more directly and intimately with growing audiences with a (visual) presence that submits their essence and what they stand for directly through visual appearances.

Awi’s latest creation »The Art of Revealing« – School of Creative Liberation & Daring Leadership – seeks to inspire creatives change makers to use their challenging life experiences to truly activate their creative power place. To land in their life and bodies with purpose, express themselves more fully & freely so they can touch lives, manifest changes if needed and create the impact they are longing for. The first EmpowerMentorShip program started in Spring 2019. A video podcast interviewing creatives, change makers and game changers is online here. Awi now offers 1:1 and group mentorships to creative entrepreneurs that want to master their art world-wide.

Here is a video of me that my dear friend and photographer Uli Mattes compiled and photographed. It feel it really captures my essence on my creative path of liberation. (Music: Anne Brun)