Intuitive Art Musings & Expressions by Awi

The Joy Of Connection

Give your Self to the Whole with Joy - Reflections & insights from my creative process on Soul Art Day
September 12, 2022/by Awi

Let’s get together to create magic

It's that magic time of the year again.
On July 28, 2022 Laüra…
July 27, 2022/by Awi

Coloring the WinterBlues – Healing Low Energy & Depression with Creativity

Do you feel the blues in the winter?
When it is gloomy dark…
February 1, 2021/by Awi

Experimental Play with Sacred Geometry

Last summer I ventured out into different territory and exploring…
February 1, 2021/by Awi

Flirting With Freedom – Ilan Stephani – Portrait Photography

I am very fortunate to be part of Ilan Stephani's creative team…
December 7, 2020/by Awi

Inner Landscapes – New FlowArt Painting Series

One of my newest creative adventures to keep my creative juices…
December 7, 2020/by Awi

”The Art of Revealing“ Conversations

»THE ART OF REVEALING« has been my soul calling and creative…
January 19, 2019/by Awi

New Dimensions

This fall I did another of my infamous 30 Day Channeled Drawing…
November 11, 2018/by Awi

Timelapse Channeled Drawing Month

I collected all timlapse videos from my channeled drawing practice…
August 28, 2017/by Awi

Vesak Full Moon – Channeled Drawing Guidance

I am continuing my (almost) daily channeled drawing practice…
May 10, 2017/by Awi

New Channeled Drawing Process Videos

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 1, 2017
I restarted my channeled…
May 2, 2017/by Awi

The Creative Power of Anger!

I like anger!
It's such an amazing creative power fuel to get…
April 21, 2017/by Awi

New Selfie Dubbles

September 21, 2015/by Awi

Calling all creative spirits for International Soul Art Day!

Everyone has an Inner Artist!
Your Inner Artist is that divine…
May 9, 2015/by Awi

Happy Spring Opening – Sketch App

I've been trying out and experimenting with another App called…
March 17, 2015/by Awi

New Year’s Nature Delights

I am delighted to share some amazing nature stills with you from…
January 2, 2015/by Awi

The Power of the Heart

Here is a new dubble series that focuses on the various expressions,…
August 23, 2014/by Awi

Close Encounters – The Dubble Universe

One of my latest fun creative essence infusion play & guidance…
August 15, 2014/by Awi

Receiving and Following Guidance – Chatting With Lucille DancingWind – Author of “Sacred Possiblities”

Hello dear ones …

I have a real special treat for you……
July 4, 2014/by Awi

Becoming Visible – Presencing Essence – a fun photoshot with Uli Mattes

In honor of my beloved spirit guide Nahuna Kato - a past…
June 14, 2014/by Awi

Channeling for Soul Art Day 2014

This is the guidance I received for this Channeled Drawing…
May 3, 2014/by Awi

How I discovered Channeled Drawing for Soul Guidance & Healing

Originally this article was published in "InTouch" Spring 2014…
April 4, 2014/by Awi
Channeled Drawing Video Visibility

Channeled Drawing Guidance in Celebration of the 30 Day Video Visibility Challenge Completion

Yeahhhh…. I finished the 30 Day "Vamp Up Your Visibility" Video…
March 30, 2014/by Awi

Watch me conceive a Personal Channeled Drawing

Here is a fast forward video of how I conceived personal channeled…
February 27, 2014/by Awi

Magic Visions unfolding

Yesterday I was contacted by lovely woman & heart entrepreneur…
February 18, 2014/by Awi

Listen to your heART’s guiDANCE!

I named this new Channeled Drawing "Listen to your heArt's guiDance"

February 17, 2014/by Awi

Wisdom of the Internal Sun – Solar Plexus – 3rd Chakra

A few weeks ago I channeled this drawing and instantly I felt…
January 30, 2014/by Awi

Celebrating Cosmic Creativity

This channeled Drawing manifested last Thursday November 29,…
November 30, 2013/by Awi

Transformation with Colors – Silver: Deep Cleansing & Communication

In our last "Creative Intelligence" session we were playing…
November 15, 2013/by Awi

Healing Addiction: Finding Peace at the Center of Fear – The Black Velvet Void

Know the feeling when you recognize you've been running from…
November 6, 2013/by Awi

The Magic Journey Begins

Tonight I guided the first little courages group in my first…
October 24, 2013/by Awi

On Fire – Channeled Drawings from the Road

Back from my trip to Israel with 2 new Channeled Drawings, one…
September 24, 2013/by Awi

Observing resting presence – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance September 1, 2013

This weeks drawing has much detail and intense colors - unfortunately…
September 1, 2013/by Awi

Playful Focus – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance – August 26, 2013

This weeks channeled drawing brings even more dolphin energy.…
August 26, 2013/by Awi

Riding the Sun Storm Waves – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance, August 19-25

Seems like this week's channeled drawing might point to the recent…
August 19, 2013/by Awi

Creating Relationship Harmonies – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance – August 11, 2013

Seems we are continuing the theme of listening this week. Can…
August 11, 2013/by Awi

Receiving & Sending – Weekly Channeled Drawing August 4, 2013

This weeks Channeled Drawing presents itself with a clear message.

August 4, 2013/by Awi

Manifesting New Dimensional Depth – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 29, 2013

This week's Channeled Drawing is received in the high of a very…
July 28, 2013/by Awi

Heart & Soul Resonance – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 22, 2013

With a little bit of delay but right in divine time with today's…
July 22, 2013/by Awi

Creative Excitement – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 14-21, 2013

Here is the Channeled Drawing for the coming week.

I can spot…
July 14, 2013/by Awi

Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 8, 2013

Here is this week's new channeled drawing.
I am still looking…
July 9, 2013/by Awi
Weekly Channeled Drawing June 30 – July 7, 2013

Balancing the Storm – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance June 30 – July 7, 2013

A lot of energy recalibration is happening right now in the earth…
June 30, 2013/by Awi

Supermoon Solstice – Integrating the Shadow to Roar – Weekly Channeled Drawing – June 23-30

Aloha, happy Solstice and Strawberry Super Moon everyone!
June 23, 2013/by Awi

Re-connection – Weekly Channeled Drawing June 16-22, 2013

I don't have too many words to share this week. It's more about…
June 16, 2013/by Awi

Sound Prayer to activate grounding, divine trust and peace.

This video is a composite channel art that manifested while I…
June 15, 2013/by Awi

Open your Creative Channel – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance June 10

This week I actually did a few drawings which you can see below.…
June 9, 2013/by Awi

Soul Movements – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance for June 3-9

This weeks channeled drawing is connected to my recent experience…
June 2, 2013/by Awi

Divine Protection – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance – May 26th 2013

This is the new channeled drawing for this coming week. Seems…
May 26, 2013/by Awi

Co-Creation & Magic Signs – Weekly Channeled Drawing May 20th 2013

Well this week's Channeled Drawing is abit unusual in every way…
May 23, 2013/by Awi

Ripe to Swarm out – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance May 12 – 22, 2013

I wasn't quite happy with this weeks drawing at first. I guess…
May 12, 2013/by Awi

Rest or Dance alittle More – Channeled Drawing Guidance for Week of May 6

A little late this week as I am visiting my old hometown Dresden…
May 5, 2013/by Awi

Open to Newness – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance for April 29, 2013

Well, this week's channeled drawing seems a little out of the…
April 28, 2013/by Awi

Mending the Heart – Channeled Drawing Guidance for the Week of April, 22-28, 2013

This is the new Channeled Drawing Soul Guidance Reading for next…
April 20, 2013/by Awi

Channeled Drawing for the Week of April, 15-21, 2013

I so happy to share my weekly channeled drawing readings with…
April 14, 2013/by Awi

Expanding and Trusting Creative Intuition

Creating a Channeled Drawing Series for Laura Hollick from Soul…
April 7, 2013/by Awi
Personal Channeled Drawing: Urs

More Magic Guidance: The Channeled Drawing Vision Quest

The way this drawing manifested itself told me a lot about…
April 5, 2013/by Awi

Learning Hebrew with Visuals.

A fun way to learn or teach anything new, create visuals!

April 1, 2013/by Awi
Channeled Drawing for the Global Vision Quest

Channeling for the Global Vision Quest let by Laura Hollick

This is a co-creative channeling project I did in tune with Laura…
March 23, 2013/by Awi


Awi is an intuitive artist and creative explorer curious about what sparks creation, change and connection while adoring nature’s beauty, playing with colors and following seemingly random things that often lead to the right insights, people and places when needed.

In 2011 she discovered »Channeled Drawing« as a personal intuitive art practice to nurture her creative joy, attunement and inner guidance. She has also used this creative process to offer workshops and readings to many people, who in effect felt a rekindled creative flow, receiving personal insights in exploring fun details of the process and depictions.

Awi enjoys many creative playing fields from intuitive drawing, painting and sound to graphic art and photography that she also loves to remix and remaster.