Experience The Magic Of Liberating Your Creative Expression Through Channeled Drawing


These are wild times we live in right now. It can be easy to loose direction, be overwhelmed, and not find the time for integration needed to anchor in your truth so you can make clear choices for your life.

Sometimes we can get paralyzed in our creative flow and decision making by the multitude of possibilities available today or by our nagging inner critique trying to spare us the pain of rejection, failure or disappointment.

When nothing goes, let everything loose.

Shake it up and let life steer you in the right direction. 

Channeled Drawing is a fun paradox tool using randomness to create clarity. By creating space for the unknown to reveal itself, life can speak to you in a new way and un-thought-of solutions may emerge.

Are you curious what will reveal if you let the pen freely move?

Let your Soul speak to you through Channeled Drawing! 

This Channeled Drawing Playdate is for curious creatives that love to explore playful ways to fuel their creativity and perhaps discover hidden doors into themselves, their creative flow or out of a challenge and open up a new space and new perspectives through the practice of intuitive art.

Connect with your inner being, your soul or creative source through channeled drawing and let the creative process reveal what’s moving you right now in what direction.

Let your pen be moved by giving yourself permission to not know how, to mess up, to liberate your expression, integrating current emotions and past experiences.

Let Channeled Drawing reignite your flow of energy, new creativity, and in the joy of discovery – personal clarity.

And sometimes all that’s needed is a little bit of humor.

Sounds good? 

How can Channeled Drawing support you?

The simple practice of Channeled Drawing allows you to communicate with your soul, your subconscious mind or your emotions . Through creating safe space for yourself to express and explore freely you can tune into and deepen your intuition.. This technique stimulates your right brain which enables you to see things and find answers in symbolic and seemingly magical or unexpected ways. The brilliant left brain helps you to translate and relate it to your life and apply insight into action. Sharing your creation in a safe group to get feedback you can additionally benefit from the group wisdom to assist you to translate your art into guidance. If you then wish to apply this wisdom to your daily life you can clarify your integration steps.

In this workshop you will …

  • learn the simple creative technique “Channeled Drawing” to open your creative flow and access your intuitive guidance

  • have a lot of fun with non-sense and letting go of concepts and perfectionism, allow yourself to make mistakes

  • experience a safe creative space to be with yourself, be seen, heard, expressed and supported

  • learn to translate your creative expression into guidance and action

  • access the collective guidance through the group to get a bigger picture and perhaps a change of  perspective about your current challenges

  • extend or boost your creative expression and rekindle the joy of creation

  • perhaps find peace with your current life challenges

What if random things that show up on your path, may point you in the right direction?

Let your intuitive art show you how!

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2022

4 – 6:30 pm CEST (Berlin)
10am – 12:30pm EST (New York)


• Introduction and facilitation of the Channeled Drawing process
Creative space to explore your own intuitive creativity and receive guidance
• Space for personal sharing and group feedback
Personal guidance amplified by the group field
PDF Guide on “How to read your intuitive art”
• Private facebook sharing group for continued practice and feedback


49 €

+ Tax

Your payment will be processed through We offer a 60 day money back guarantee through Digistore24.

About Awi

Awi is an intuitive creative explorer curious to reveal beauty and what sparks creation, change and connection while adoring nature and seemingly random things that often lead to the right insights, people and places.

In 2011 she discovered »Channeled Drawing« as a personal intuitive art practice to nurture her creative joy, attunement and inner guidance. She has also used this creative process to offer workshops and readings to many people, who in effect felt a rekindled creative flow, receiving personal insights in exploring fun details of the process and depictions.

As a natural & trained intuitive she has the gift to attune to people on a deep soul level and guide them to honor their unique life experiences, revealing purpose and land in their inner creative power place that synthesizes their challenges, gifts and expertise together in a streamlined way for their business brand.

Channeled Drawing as part of a Family Constellation Workshop in Belgium 2014

Channeled Drawing as part of a Peace Camp in Palestine/Israel 2014

My Discovery of Channeled Drawing

Throughout my life I’ve been doodling along lectures in college or phone conversations without paying much attention to what I was actually creating. At some point during my training as an energy healer, I got curious what these strange drawings with weird creatures and faces actually revealed. So in the beginning of 2011 I committed to a 90 day practice of Channeled Drawing for myself. I discovered how the lines, colors, creatures and even the creative process itself connected with subconscious feelings, desires or something to sources way beyond myself. I started to get intuitive messages while exploring and sharing what I saw and what came up in the creative process.

You can watch some of the readings of my Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance here and discover more on my blog.

I then started to broaden my exploration and was drawing for friends, eventually clients and even groups who were naturally drawn to me to explore life and business questions. Often I got a hint of the future or depicted people of my clients I couldn’t have known, that’s when I knew Channeled Drawing is just magical.

For over a decade now I have been drawing for many clients from all walks of life. Feel free to read what people are saying about their Channeled Drawing experience here.

Since 2013 I am facilitating Intuitive Creative Adventures using Channeled Drawing. Read below what participants have to say about their experience.


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Next Playdate

SEPTEMBER 25, 2022

4 – 6:30 pm CEST (Berlin)
10 – 12:30pm EST (New York)

49 € 

+ Tax (according to your country of residence)

This workshop is held online via zoom. You will receive the link when you register.

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What people share about their experience…

»Awi has the unique ability to channel healing visions and insights through her art. She is a Cosmic Angelic Superwoman ready to be fully seen for her magical abilities.«

»I highly recommend Antonia Wibke’s channeled drawing workshop. She has a playful, clear presence and her facilitation ignited a spark of creativity within me! My mind liked to tell me that I couldn’t draw and I was extremely critical of anything I created. During my 1st workshop I experienced joy and freedom of movement in my body! I found I liked drawing and was so happy about my expression on paper! I have continued to draw daily for the past month utilizing this process for play and for transformation growth work. I have even found myself showing others what I’ve created!!«

»Hallo Liebe Awi, ich bin so überwältigt, dass ich es geschafft habe, dass ich die 7 Wochen durchgezogen habe und es war einfach wunderbar. Ich kann dir gar nicht genug danken für diese Reise und jetzt auch noch die Session mit dir!«

»I’ve noticed that the more I keep up with the channeled drawing process, the more I’m returning to my other creative processes. This spring got kinda wild, with intense transformational trainings and my mother dying. I stopped spinning for months. In the last two weeks, I’ve pulled my spinning wheel out into the living room and am back to spinning almost every day! And I’m feeling pulled to paint again…and sculpt…and make mandalas…and create new toys….Thank you Antonia Wibke Heidelmann for helping re-kindle the fires!«

»I feel really compelled to share how much I love to create … with words, with art, with photographs, with ideas, with sculpture, with fibre, with colour … Taking this journey with you has reminded me so much of that love …. I have been inviting more creativity into my ‘work’ … writing more about my awarenesses …. modifying my photographs in canva and pixlr and sharing them … and yet my heart is really urging for more … I’m diving into creating what I can, when I can, how I can NOW. … And this support and inspiration from this group and our fabulous Antonia has been wonderful. So a thousand blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!«

»Oh ! How great all the posts are… Everything I see in the page is amazing …I hope you all continue posting ´cause it is inspiring. Antonia thank you for taking us all with you in this magical journey of creativity, re-connection and love. Big hug, A.«

Art by Participants