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“I highly recommend Awi’s channeled drawing workshop. She has a playful, clear presence and her facilitation ignited a spark of creativity within me! My mind liked to tell me that I couldn’t draw and I was extremely critical of anything I created. During my 1st workshop I experienced joy and freedom of movement in my body! I found I liked drawing and was so happy about my expression on paper! I have continued to draw daily for the past month utilizing this process for play and for transformation growth work. I have even found myself showing others what I’ve created!!”

(participated in 2 live workshops in Israel & Belgium)

“I feel really compelled to share how much I love to create … with words, with art, with photographs, with ideas, with sculpture, with fibre, with colour … Taking this journey with you has reminded me so much of that love …. I have been inviting more creativity into my ‘work’ … writing more about my awarenesses …. modifying my photographs in canva and pixlr and sharing them … and yet my heart is really urging for more … I’m diving into creating what I can, when I can, how I can NOW. … And this support and inspiration from this group and our fabulous Awi has been wonderful. So a thousand blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(participated in online intuitive creative adventure)

“Hallo Liebe Awi, ich bin so überwältigt, dass ich es geschafft habe, dass ich die 7 Wochen durchgezogen habe und es war einfach wunderbar. Ich kann dir gar nicht genug danken für diese Reise und jetzt auch noch die Session mit dir! ”

(participated in online Intuitive Creative Adventure)


» Awi’s ability to express spiritual wisdom through her channeled drawings is incredible! I have had the honor of experiencing 10 channeled drawings and each one has deepened my awareness and opened me to understand my issues and challenges in nü empowering ways. I continue to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of Awi’s channeled drawings and I know I will for years to come! «

»I’m very very selective about who I will work with and hire. I hired Awi to do these drawings because I absolutely wholeheartedly believe in her unique gifts. She has the ability to purely channel visions and insights. I also have the ability to do this and so I can recognize it in another. I hired her to do these drawings for me because I wanted to open my own vision to see things from another pure perspective.«

Personal Channeled Drawing Sarah» Wow! Thank you Awi. It definitely has spoken to me and I am ready for your insights and guidance. I have been amazed at how many times I have had images in my real life that reflect the drawing in the last few days. Nursing my baby has reflected the “child” in the drawing. My five year old daughter put a ribbon on her head today that looked like the purple design around the hair…the list goes on. I am curious about every element of the drawing even the smallest details – there appear to be 3 waves, there is a purple line hanging down like a “j” by the image of the child….I am fascinated and excited to hear from you. Thank you.«


Personal Channeled Drawing Ann» Christmas 2012 was magical for my 3 sisters and me. In lieu of our traditional secret santa exchange, we each gifted ourselves with a personal channeled drawing by Awi and set aside some special time Christmas evening to share the drawings and insights. It was so powerful to see all four drawings and share the messages received. I highly recommend purchasing the option that includes a Skype session with Awi. She is wise beyond her years, compassionate, and empowering. She will encourage you to be with the drawing and draw your own insight, intuition, and knowing from it first. If you’re anything like me, you will have questions! Talking with Awi live is not only a pleasure, it’s an opportunity for deep exploration into your own essence–your own reason for being here on Earth. I LOVE my drawing and I am so happy I chose to receive the original artwork. It is proudly and prominently displayed in my home. I recommend Awi’s work to anyone and mention again that it was a deeply meaningful and beautiful gift idea for a group.«


Personal Channeled Drawing Kevin» I asked Awi to create a channeled drawing to explore the ideas and feelings surrounding my upcoming trip to China. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw the finished drawing, I was astounded! Not only was it beautiful and colorful, the piece was like a glorious rainbow of visual language and symbolism. Throughout my month in China, I occasionally revisited my channeled drawing. It continued to speak to me, and day by day it proved to be an insightful framework for my experience abroad.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Awi via Skype while I was in China, and she and I each shared our interpretations of the drawing. This process was both valuable and fun, and really helped me to integrate what the drawing was communicating to me. It was a wonderful experience to receive this channeled drawing from Awi, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly unique and inspiring insight into any aspect of their life! «


Melody Channeled Drawing» Receiving a channeled drawing from Awi was so much more than I could ever imagined! The drawing is a visual presentation of my Creative brand, with all the components that are active and intertwined for me to share with the world. A Message from the spiritual realm. A love note from my soul to live out my mission on earth. ♥ I recommend doing the Skype package with Awi. She goes deep into what your core message to the world is! Wow!
So the part of me that I pushed aside, the most powerful part of who I am, the part that scares the heck out of me, showed up in the drawing. In fact, it’s in your face, I cannot ignore it. It really affirmed me to move through with my vision in my business as a goddess and a “see-er”! …«


» Wow!!!!! – thank you SO MUCH for that precious, beautiful channeled drawing of my essence! I absolutely LOVE it! What a wonder-filled gift! … What beautiful energy with the lines and colours and all that manifested through you! «

» Awi is a magickal being of the Stars and the Earth… Her gentle, playful and serene nature is the perfect channel through which Spirit is able to convey messages in the form of insights, wisdom and beautiful soul energy drawings. Her channeled drawings are exquisite in form, colours and the depth of messages that they convey to the recipient… they always leave me in awe. I have absolute love for Awi as a soul sistar and on a professional level… her work is brilliant, pure and authentic! «


Personal Channeled Drawing: Ilse» I was deeply touched by the drawing and the spoken guidance I received from Awi: the resting of the heart, in the 5th chakra, the development of the femininity. On my current path of becoming an artist, of becoming more of me and bringing my singing and my whole heart to the world, it was a blessing to receive this, the support felt very profound. «


» The most surprising revelation for me was the appearance of my husband’s image. It is him! He is very special to me, always supporting my dreams, encouraging me to soar, a grounding force in my life…so I was delighted to see him there…showing up as he does, a tremendous support system. I know all this to be true, so it wasn’t really a new message as much as it was a confirmation that he is there as I move into a new way of being…and that Awi picked up on it!
Being able to discuss the process with Awi amplified my interpretation of the image’s message. Hearing her sweet voice was important to complete the work as it made the drawing that much more real…all senses engaged. Awi also led me to inquire further about what I noticed through your thoughtful questions.
I’d recommend anyone desiring to know themselves at their core to receive a channeled drawing. Awi’s ability to beautifully + meaningfully capture in pen + color where I am at in my journey is remarkable + amazing. I’m so glad I gave myself this gift…a vibrant external expression that aligns with my path today perfectly. It’s a great meditation focus, journaling prompt + valuable key to unlock pathways leading to greater self-awareness, confirmation, clarity.«



»Thank you Awi for sharing your unique intuitive and creative gifts with me! Working with you helped me to get to the root of things in a very gentle and loving way. Your combination of healing work, creative play and intuitive guidance helped me to get more clear about the soft song of my heart, accepting what is here now, and trusting the rhythm of my dreams and wishes. Very powerful lessons for me! I also adored the sound channeling during our healing sessions, which touched me deeply!«


»While I’ve had days where I need a lot of rest, my overall daily energy has increased. After first session I found myself (by accident) noticing that I was walking barefoot (I could not do this before without pain) and I am putting the weight on both my feet evenly now which I had not done for about 2 yrs prior. The big plantar wart on my left foot is gone and I think the scar on my foot moved.

I have not had a period for seven months. Now I got it! While my periods have often been irregular I was beginning to become concerned for this was a good length of time with out one. One thing I get out of this is appreciation for it! This is something I’m not sure I ever had before. Of course creating little art worky things is being in the flow and no doubt this along with increased energy to this area is the reason. Also creating stuff fires me up, has been surprising me with the stuff I can do that I didn’t think I could, and just keeps surprising me with how much I can communicate with the universe and vise versa.

My throat would often feel tight and ache. Then after some healings it got really intense. I think this has to do with stuff needing to come out. I naturally felt the need to hear songs with deep sounds and make noises myself as this felt good. All this tightness in my throat has passed. If it comes up now it is very light. And as a result I am singing a lot and making cool/different sounds. This is significant for me. At first even just to make sound come out I was very self conscious or something about it. It was a big deal. But now I am making a lot of noise comfortably. And I’ve come to really love the sounds I am making. I really like my voice!! Wow.

And, best for last: I am loving myself! Woohoo! Sincerely. (Before when I’d hear people say this or tell me to love myself I’d roll my eyes and think it’s all bullshit.) But now I do feel appreciation admiration and astonishment for myself. Now I know what it feels like. And I’m pretty damn cool if I do say so myself! This of course came about through sessions with you and on my own one day I had a lot of emotion/realization/crying/listing to the song All of me by John Legend over and over and I felt overcome with love for myself and all of my life thus far. Very touching. All this is to say thank you , thank you, thank you! Thank you for holding the energy for me, giving me the space, and letting it all unfold naturally for me.  Some full living going on here!«

“It was such a blessing to work with Awi. She has a very calming, gentle energy. I can be hard on myself and Awi reminded me to be compassionate! She was a pleasure to work with. She helped anchor healing energy and a template of smooth operation during a recent surgery. Even with me being across the world, I could tell she was working with me. She brought in the healing energy of my guides, which is very comforting. Then she did a healing the next day to help me integrate. She picks up on the big picture about what certain things can mean (like surgery) and shared those insights with me. These helped me in the moment and in my live. Whether you just want some comfort during a surgery or operation or you want some transformative healing, Awi can do both! I highly recommend her for energy healing service.”

“Thank you so much for being with me during the procedure. Thank you for reminding me to be gentle with myself. Even now as I am writing I feel compassion pouring through me from somewhere. Perhaps my angels/ guides/ God are sending me compassion, which is much needed in my life right now as I go through rapid and somewhat difficult changes. Thanks for being a part of that journey.”

»I received long-distance Hara healings from Awi. During the healings I observed my thoughts becoming more still and a strong sensation of being brought back into my body. For some questions – which had gone through my head for a long time already – the answers were clear after the healing.«

“I never had an energy healing of any kind nor did I know much about it before my first session (over Skype) with Awi. Her presence alone conveys wellbeing and when she works with me I am reminded of my own peace. I had some physical aliments that after her attention alleviated, along with providing me deep insights into myself. Moreover, I’ve been infused and connected with my own sense of power– like a realignment of sorts – the results of which continue to unfold. Her guidance after the session is priceless – specific not only to my needs but also delivered most thoughtfully. Awi’s power during healing sessions defies description – it is only to be experienced for yourself.”