Fuel Your Essence with Creative Play & Soul Guidance –

7 fun ways to explore your creative guidance, essence and playful nature.

Intuitive Creative Adventure Invitation

  • Are you missing the freedom to explore and express yourself creatively as you wish to feel more joy, wonder, passion, flow and drive in your life?
  • Are you tired of rigid planning that leaves no space to explore on your own?
  • Are you feeling an energy depletion, and a general lack of resources, money, love and/or excitement?
  • Do you long to reconnect with your innate adventurous creativity to explore, experience and reconnect to yourself and others?
  • Do you long to reactivate your playful free nature?
  • Perhaps you looking for inspiration to create unique visuals for your personal brand and business marketing or a creative project?

I invite you to come on a creative journey with me.
In this 7 week adventure I’ll show you some fun creative play tools to boost your…

  • Creativity
  • Visibilty
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Creative marketing ideas
  • Selfvalue 
  • Selflove 
  • Creative tribe connections
  • Energy System
  • Essence expression
  • Pleasure
  • Wonder
  • Sense of Fulfillment & Freedom
  • Joy

I discovered when I allow myself to play creatively without much thinking about it – something magic happens: not do I just forget about time, let go of the repetitive thinking over problems, tap into emotions that love to be expressed to move a block, but even physical symptoms as back pain and headaches disappear. Everytime I feel magic at work when looking at what manifested in my intuitive creative play.

I’d love for you to experience that too.

In this 7 week intuitive art workshop we’ll playfully explore some creative tools to fuel our essence and get art to heart with our soul to receive guidance and creative fulfillment. We will “double our pleasure” in sharing our creative expressions and insights to inspiring each other.

How about finding joy in allowing yourself to make mistakes, to not give a damn and just get back into the creative flow and be amazed to discover your innate creative power and guided wisdom that has the chance to manifest wonders when you allow yourself to dance with your inner judge and ego mind instead of beating yourself up by being their slave.

Imagine to get over feeling blocked, exhausted or depressed and discover the joy of non-sense, observing yourself create incredible stuff, that nurtures you from the inside, imagine discovering that awe and oh, feeling beauty in ugliness and laugh about it. 

Join us on this fun creative journey, receive  playful intuitive answers to your burning soul questions and fill your core with creative joy.

On this journey you will also have a chance to fine tune your intuition, see more with your heart and connect with like minded creative explorers for support and a safe way to process your feelings and share of your joy and wonders of your creative adventures.

Here’s a preview of our creative adventures 

  1. Channeled Drawing
  2. Photo Vision Quest
  3. Dubble your Pleasure
  4. Soul Tracks
  5. Essence Surf-Boarding
  6. Video Poetry
  7. Abun-DANCE Movement

Every week I’ll introduce via our private facebook group and/or email a new intuitive creative tool to explore creative play and guidance. You’ll decide if your going on that specific trip with me or keep exploring a previous tool that caught your creative fire in your own timing. Those keen explorers taking all 7 adventures in 7 weeks and who post their art work for each journey in the group will automagically enter to the chance to
win a private 45min Creative Mentoring Session with me and publication in the new “Fuel Your Essence” eZine.

What you’ll receive:

  • 7 Creative Guidance Tools
  • Video Tutorials
  • Worksheets
  • Creative Guidance
  • Facebook Sharing Group for feedback and support
  • a chance to win Private Creative Mentoring with me and publication and boost of your visibility in the new upcoming Fuel Your Essence Online Magazine
  • Bonus eGuide: “How to receive Soul Guidance from your Intuitive Art”

What equipment you’ll need to pack for your adventure:

  • Sketchbook, Paper
  • Pencils, Colors
  • iphone or ipod, ipad (for Dubble app),
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Pinterst Account (I can help you set up)
  • Computer
  • Facebook Account
  • Youtube Account (not a must – but helpful)

Next START: to be announced

incl. BONUS eGuide: “How to receive Soul Guidance from your Intuitive Art”

So excited to explore with you!!

About Wibke: Wibke is a creative channel, intuitive healer and designer and feels passionate to support other creative-spiritual visionaries to fuel their essence, to discover, unite, express and share their unique essential gifts and become a crystal clear channel for their hearts mission to be a magnetizing presence in life and business.

Wibke offers creative guidance, healing and design services through:
Channeled Drawing: Intuitive Readings for Soul Guidance
Brennan Healing Science: Energy Alignment & Personal Transformation Sessions
Creative Transformation: Use your creativity to transform
Magnetizing Online Presence: Visual Branding, Websites & Marketing for Creative Spiritual Entrepreneurs