Hello dear ones …

I have a real special treat for you… yesterday I talked with my dear SeeStar Lucille DancingWind (mystic, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection) about Receiving and Following Guidance.

I felt called to share this (sorta) interview with you all as we cover really interesting questions regarding receiving guidance, trust, confirmation, free will, importance of asking, boundaries and the power of love!!!

Mind the giggles, gaps, image quality and whatnot … this is us in our beginning steps to be more fully seen and so we are figuring things out as we do them…

I hope you will find some real nuggets and inspiration for yourself. Feel free to share if you did and leave us comments below.

Much love,

I decided that “prEssence Fuel” will be the guiding intention for this blog this year.

Anything that helps us connect with our Essence, our inner Light, our core star, our innate Being – that which is unique to you and a direct gift from the divine.

Your essence is your unique creative gift to yourself and when you connect with it, it nurtures you, helps you heal, move through challenges, gives you food for your soul, helps you remember your true divine nature. When you fill yourself from the well within, you are truly free. Your light shines out and inspires, magnetizes more light, love and joy.

Your Essence brings you alive and right in the present moment. That is the most beautiful gift to yourself and to others.

Essence = Presence = Present

When we see others in their essence we feel naturally attracted, inspired, uplifted and activated.

Creativity is one of the most powerful activators and channels for your essence. As I activate and free my own creative prEssence, I love being inspired and inspire others.

So here is an “entree” of this years prEssence menu to sparkle your being from the amazing +Elijah- Ray and the Band of Light.

Playing with sound is so magic! 

More from Elijah:

SoundLight Sessions:

What creative gift you have do you like to play with more? 

So honored to be part of Laura Hollick‘s google hang out last week, where a few guests including Amethyst Wyldfire, Laura Reid, Lisa Berkowitz and me shared a little about our activation of our own iconic essence – a term that Laura refers to our core essence that unique set of characteristic soul qualities and artistry that we came here with as a gift to ourselves and the world. Something I am really excited about on my own journey activating my own iconic essence and that of others as well thorugh my creative transformation work.

In this video (recorded live December 2, 2013) I briefly share alittle how I came to develop my channeled drawings… and it is so inspiring to listen to everyone’s activation as well. Truly uplifting.