Inner Landscapes – New FlowArt Painting Series

One of my newest creative adventures to keep my creative juices flowing and spirits alive during Covid times, is experimenting with fluid acrylic painting mediums – resulting in an ongoing new series I call »Inner Landscapes«.

As I have also gotten more deeper into fascial release exercises with the foam roller to release stress I find it interesting to see the cells created through the pouring technique looking so much like the inner cell structures of the fascia tissue on a micro level. Some of the paintings remind me of outer landscapes like trees, mountains and river beds. I guess the lack of travel adventures has got me fantasizing it on canvas.

If my playful color experiments can be called abstract art – I don’t know. But the process of creating them is highly exciting, uplifting, joyful and pleasurable and a wonderful way to charge creative batteries and moods during these bizarr times.

All paintings (as indicated) are available if you want a piece of joy to uplift your environment. Just send me an email to inquire prices.

Also check out the growing Gallery here. More are added weekly.