It’s that magic time of the year again. On June 5th 2019 Laura Hollick is hosting her “International Soul Art Day” – when thousands of people gather from around the globe to create art together for the day. The vortex of energy that is stirred up on this day is palpable.  Through the energy of the collective gathering, everyone’s creativity is lifted to new heights. It’s extraordinary!

There is nothing better than the feeling of your soul’s truth moving through you. That’s why I love Soul Art Day…

I will never forget my journey all the way from Hamburg, Germany to Hamilton, Canada to be live in the Soul Art Studio for Soul Art Day with Laura and 4 other amazing artists in 2015. This year I will join Laura in the Live Google Hangout on the big day to speak about “Art as Medicine” and this will be the time when Laura and I will reveal something I contributed to this year’s Soul Art Being. So join us and stay curious!!!

The beauty of Soul Art Day is the fact that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it doesn’t matter how much or how little skill you have as an artist, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what your background is… All that matters is giving yourself permission to connect with your Creative Spirit and express yourself.

Give yourself permission to express your creativity without judgement, fear or perfectionism. This simple act of creative expression will change your life in the most profound ways. Join me, along with thousands of creative spirits, as we dive into the creative vortex of Soul Art Day to liberate our Inner Artist and download the next vision for our life.

Will you give yourself permission to show up for your Creative Spirit?

Over 10,000 Creative Spirits joined us last year. Will you let yourself experience the magic this year?!

Get all the details and join us for Soul Art Day on June 5th: 

Laüra Hollick, the creator of Soul Art, will guide you through a simple Soul Art journey.  You don’t need art experience to enjoy this incredible experience. All you need is the desire to express yourself, and the willingness to carve out sacred space for your unique creativity to flow.  You can work at your own pace for as long as little time that suits your Creative Spirit.

Let this be your door to pure inspiration…

See you in the creative vortex of Soul Art Day!
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»THE ART OF REVEALING« has been my soul calling and creative initiation journey into daring self-leadership that I’ve been exploring very consciously for the last 3 years. After not feeling fulfilled with a separate private practices as an energy healer, intuitive artist and doing personal branding work as a designer for my clients I wanted to create something that would bring both passions together and I longed to be more fully expressed in my presence in the world.

This revealing path led me to different places inside of myself and in the world that held much power for me and didn’t left any stones unturned. I followed my inner leadership to use, deepen and embody my creative and intuitive gifts. I traveled to ancient power places around the world activating & remembering my soul’s calling.

My deepest soul fire emerged when life brought me into the court room to face the man who raped me. Life presented me an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reveal and witness the strength of my own soul.  With the sentence in my favor it unexpectedly lead me to owning my basic trust in life back and in my soul path to find my way back out of isolation into deeply felt connection and purpose within my own being. 

Motivated by the desire to create a journey for others who wish to be more fully expressed in life and their business and to provide a safe discovery space to own their creative power back – hidden in untold stories, secrets or challenging life experiences – I created “THE ART OF REVEALING”– School of Creative Liberation & Daring Leadership. For courageous Change Agents who no longer hold back their full expression because they have a message to share. 

The first mentorship program will start in March and will open for registration in February 2019.

As this first revealing journey will be calling in brave adventurous souls, Awi has been interviewing a few of her colleagues, friends, fellow travelers and daring leaders about their own path of revealing, daring to be heard & seen with their stories, owning their full creative expression in service to humanity & the planet and healing issues of fear & disconnection on the way.

  • How can we use our wounds & returning challenges to reveal a deeper calling & activate our full creative expression?

  • How do we rewrite our stories, dare to reveal ourselves and own our place in the world from a deep sense of enough-ness, trust and connection?

  • How to use our creative expression to reveal deeper truth about ourselves and train our daring muscles for authentic leadership?


Author, Speaker and Founder of »the Conscious Bedtime Story Club«

and will continue every Sunday after with:

Body Researcher, Best-Selling Autor & Seminar Leader, Creatrix of Kalis Kuss

Transformational Artist, Founder of Lightschool Arts

Advocat of Play and Movement Based Creativity and Creatrix of The Angel Bird

FEB 17 – AWI (Antonia Wibke Heidelmann)
Creatrix of FULLY SEEN & The Art Of Revealing

You can read more about the series and the speakers and sign up for free access here 

We also have a FB Group here you can join and where you can find the links, ask questions, give feedback or ask for support.


This fall I did another of my infamous 30 Day Channeled Drawing Challenges with a group of people. And as with all the Challenges so far new dimensions of my expression reveal themselves.

This time it all fell together after the Challenge when I put together all 30 Images and in my library found the self portraits that I created during this time as well. So I just sand”witched” them together in one of my iPhone apps and voila. Totally in love with this new dimension bringing photography and Channeled Drawing together like this.

I collected all timlapse videos from my channeled drawing practice in May 2017.
It was a great refreshment of my channeled drawing practice, fun to watch and hopefully you get inspired to pick up the pen yourself.

Let me know in the comments what sparked for you… watching these.

If you want to try the process in person with me and a group of other creative explorers, your are invited to “Creative Pleasure” – a BodyExplorerIntensive Day for Women!

Together with my fellow tigress, friend, collegue Ilan Stephani from Kali’s Kuss & I am facilitating a
Workshop in Berlin on September 10th, 2017
at Mariposa (Monumentenstr. 25)
from 2pm – 4pm.




Channeled Drawing of the day: it reveals the integration, activation and expansion of a session I had today with my colleague Samiel Carolina. She guided me into my creatrix center the womb and specifically the right overy called for my attention. She represents the attraction energy in the creative cycle… this drawing further enlightened me about the need for structure, support, safety and #boundaries in order to rest, let go and open to #receiving. During the coloring I could feel there was like an activation of gene keys happening. The outer rings also feel like a stargate that gets activated with the filling of certain segments of it. And in the end a very firm divine feminine energy was manifesting in the outer rim like a moon shape? – very protective. I just love the expanding energy and the colors of this drawing…


This Channled Drawing Process for today May 8, 2017… revealed to me insight about how to offer and activate some of the seeds aka gifts to grow and bloom in my self-nurturing system. Remember the drawing about my money eco system?


Todays drawing surprised me with its vulnerable innocence yet strong feminine mystical presence. I was asking for guidance a personal issue and the appearance of this drawing , in what it shows but also how it manifested reminded me to be gentle to my heart and strong in my presence – honoring the divine determined force in myself that enables me to surrender in moments I would rather call out my warrioress or collapse completely. The energies present for me are sacred humility, self honoring, vulnerability, love, deep knowing trust.


In todays drawing appeared 2 spirals that are connected and seem to be complimenting another – like a feminine and masculine aspect of something that belongs together or is of the same source. The glowing centers are like the core essence of each radiating in their space – one more to the left the other more to the right. And the well of drops or watersourounding or coming out of this. Perhaps its water of life, or some emotions being processed in the purification of the two. An anciant code connects the 2 spirals. Feels very powerful to me.


Today in the drawing appeared a moon-sun. i love how the ? moon shaps into a sun ☀️uniting the feminine and masculine in this symbology…. Everything else seems pretty clearly revealing itself. It’s a reflection of a liberation journey, revealing the pure and raw woman within daring mire to be seen in her essence. Hiding as part of this process …












I am continuing my (almost) daily channeled drawing practice again after a few years of only doing commissions and here and there personal channelings for myself or in group I taught. And I am totally enjoying the enlivening effect it has in my life right now. Truly the creative flow and the daily guidance is getting a refuel and deepening in trust and joy.

Today we have the full moon energies in an very intense emotional fueled sign: scorpio plus this moon – in the buddhist tradition (which I actually at some point in my life ordained in as a lay practitioner) – the birth/arrival of the Buddha is celebrated. They call it Vesak. So pretty promising!

So without even trying to interpret anything based on astrology and history… (not my thing) I just felt into myself sourcing my rather intense emotions today and so I asked for guidance in a personal matter.

My drawing surprised me with its vulnerable innocence yet strong feminine mystical presence. I received guidance not only from what shows figuratively in the end but also the way it manifested rather quick, simple and determined. It reminded me to be gentle to my heart and strong in my presence – honoring the divine determined force in myself that enables me to surrender in moments I would rather call out my warrioress or collapse completely. The energies to amplify in me are sacred humility, grace, self honoring, vulnerability, love, deep knowing trust when it comes to facing this personal issue.

Just looking at the image now I receive a clear energy transmission that builts on my core. So grateful for this gift manifested through me. Hope you enjoy watching the process in the video.

Here is the image as well.



Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 1, 2017

I restarted my channeled drawing practice for personal guidance and connection again and sharing these 2 process videos with you here.

The first one reveals the spring vibes that are so present now with all the fresh greens and rich blossoms everywhere. Truly delightful how it raises my creative energy.

Channeled Drawing Guidance for May 2, 2017

For this drawing I had an intention to explore more about my “money honey” – understanding my money flow. The drawing isn’t super attractive as art but that’s not what this is about. it’s super interesting how the creative process revealed so much insight… starting with lines and structure then weaving in flow, nurturing drops & streams, growing leaves ? and roots, connecting to networks – turned into an entire self sufficient eco system… ? In the end the coloring also revealed through the pink color – that money’s purpose is all to nurture love – infuse love ❤️!!! How wise… and seriously, I didn’t think about anything while drawing! All reveals itself as I’m letting go of pre-thought images and concepts! Cool right? Learn the process yourself here ??Free video tutorial & ebook, just scroll down to sign up for the newsletter and you receive your gift.


Please share your discoveries if anything in these drawings sprang out to you in the comments below. You can follow me on my Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see the most fresh drawings from the day.
Comment below if you use intuitive art for guidance too or have tried this process for yourself and what did you receive? We have a FB Group here where you can share your own drawigings and receive feedback and inspiration from others.

I like anger!

It’s such an amazing creative power fuel to get or stay in motion/motivation,movement. To fill the body with life force, to create boundaries so I can surrender to this life energy.

It took a while for me to allow myself to let this energy flow in me without following the impulse to discharge it in the outside through blaming others or any form of violenence or to use it as a selfdestroying weapon (ending up in depression). Often I would rather collapse out of fear to feel this immense life power. Fear of it’s power to trigger traumatic memories. I would rather freeze.

Now I am finally able to face my anger and experience this pure energy wave in a new way. I surrender to its movement, waking the tigress, letting the body express in movement, making faces, fletching teeth, stomp, kick, scribble scrabble or make a color mess on paper …whatever …

I experience this powerful transformation with wonder in myself. And I observe it in my clients that give themselves permission to express their anger through body movement, how the wave turns into passion, pleasure, lust, power, heat and natural grounding that can now flow into their creative projects.

I’m really grateful that I can tap into enough anger to fuel me. For once all the crap of the past is useful. …

Don’t become a ticking bomb with your unexpressed anger! Learn to channel it to fuel you creatively in a safe space to experience the true life creating power. Perfect if you have lots of trauma experiences! It’s time to unlock your life force for good things to happen in your life! Connect with me if you need a witness or someone holding space and ground!


Everyone has an Inner Artist!

Your Inner Artist is that divine spark of inspiration that flows with the juice of your unique expression. All you need to do to awaken your Inner Artist is create a sacred space for your Inner Artist to come out and play.


I am super thrilled that I am invited to join my mentor and dear Soul SeeStar Laura Hollick this year live in the Studio in Canada. And tuning into this event this Channeled Drawing came through… so you get a taste of what to expect!!! Pretty hot if you ask me!!!

Photo 09-05-15 23 08 27

Let’s make an Artist date together!

I am calling your Inner Artist to join me on International Soul Art Day, happening May 27th, to awaken your divine spark and activate your unique creative expression.  Get all the details and sign up here:

International Soul Art Day is a live global event where thousands of creative spirits gather virtually from around the world to create art together for the day.  Laura Hollick, the creator of Soul Art, will guide us through a Soul Art process along with 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals.

I’ll be there, and I hope you’ll join us to awaken your Inner Artist. The world needs your unique expression!

Sign up for International Soul Art Day now. It’s free:


Just 2 weeks after this last powerful Solar Eclipse the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse followed on April 4, 2015 and so I channeled another SoundPrayer at the exact time of the eclipse.

This is a gentle attunement. You can hear me speaking the ancient languages and recognize a sound conversation that seemed like a balancing between masculine and feminine aspects.
If you like to receive a personal SoundPrayer attuned to your energy field to rebalance, charge your systems read more about my offering here.