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One of my latest fun creative essence infusion play & guidance tools is Dubble.

Dubble is a free iPhone app (and it’s been developed for Android as well…) that I happen to bump into in divine timing and since have become a dubble maniac enjoying the random yet surprizing dubbing, mixing and matching of my images with those of strangers, friends and my own. Since the beginning I was amazed how often my images started to get a whole new and poignant meaning. Not just looking cool but often even revealing messages that seemed to hit the spot.

I liked this random play with fortune or guidance (whatever you believe in) so much that I included dubble In my recent Intuitive Creative Adventure Class as a creative guidance and play tool and my playmates really caught the same fire and started using dubble like an oracle. It’s so fun! Not all dubbles make sense and some are just there for the process of revealing the most surprizing masterpieces.

Anyhow when you know me you know I am a cosmic lover (oh wow – or did I just come out with that!??) – anyhow I love images of the galaxies. And inspired by my friends who started playing with star images I started to dubble and it turned into an entire collection or series. What I love about those images that they put things into perspective and reveal another dimension of our being that usually remains hidden to most eyes. As an energy healer however they often remind me of our multidimensional beingness, plus some are just plain funny or weird.

in’joy with cosmic giggles,




And here is the special collection with an important message of the source ;)

Be Good. Don’t Cry. Love Filth. Put the Record on. Rock’n’Roll. Hey Ho Let’s Go! Est. Remain: 18 min. 

Image Credits / Dubble Co-Creators: 
Part 1: pinterst, wibstar, helopuro, enlightener, kratata
Part 2: pinterst, wibstar, helopuro, majoespi
Part 3: pinterst, wibstar, helopuro, shellythepirate, anabolcina, cocaine, rabea
Part 4: pinterst, wibstar, singlesword, delberty, tiggar88, janesaid6, tutu_ting
Part 5: pinterst, wibstar, helopuro, siora, 1989pololee, xideserts, danttin, paisleybird
Part 6: pinterst, wibstar, rcklessabandon, miltim, Imcfreeman, qxzzxq, zhuangxiangliu, raijard, juhivyas
Part 7: pinterest, wibstar, anarchytechture, tattooartist, winnie1706, Itbeefeater
others: tululli
Images of universe are taken from pinterest coming from different sources. Unfortunately I can’t make out all sources or credits. Please forgive me if I didn’t credit an image.
takequickbreak.com, NASA, R Jay Gabany, and others



In honor of my beloved spirit guide Nahuna Kato – a past time warrior me – who becomes rather visible here. He’s got quite a fierce presence and taking no crap for an excuse to venture off the path of the heart. He’s a master in peeking directly into the heart of things and people’s intentions. He’s crystal clear aligned with purpose and passion. Some people fear him – (me too sometimes) yet I trust his heart clarity that also knows how to set boundaries and when it’s time to stand my ground.



Here I am presencing another aspect, guide, essence piece … the tender faery. She teaches me how to communicate with nature beings, to tune into subtle frequencies, to rejoice, giggle and dance in adornment of beauty and creation. She loves coherence, balance, harmony. Yes she’s bit shy and easy chased away by loud noises or sudden movement. She gets quite upset when people disregard nature (aka the beauty of their existence) but she usually comes back when feeling respected. Then she gives her full heart in tender care of another.



In this photo my Inner Child comes out to play in joy and freedom, cosmically giggling in rainbow colors. She loves to be silly and random, nothing can tame her when she is surfing the essence wave of creative life force. She can be a bunch to catch but if you do you’ll be laughing with her or creating something with random things found on the way.


The feminine beauty – the sensual woman. She loves to caress and feel beautiful. She enjoys the intimate touch of silk skin. She nurtures and embraces the ever so tender vulnerable places in herself and others. She knows how to magnetize and move her body to the sweet sounds in the eye of the beloved.



All photos: Uli Mattes
Image Art: Antonia Wibke Heidelmann

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