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In our last “Creative Intelligence” session we were playing with colors setting the intention of intuitively transforming  blocks in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. And what I discovered was my attraction to silver. I always like this color as it feels so futuristic – like my soul essence.

Yet tonight I was experiencing its healing qualities. In the Brennan energy healing work the color silver is used to cleanse and purify or cauterize deep wounds especially after doing past life clearings or spiritual surgery… it helps a lot also to clear out microorganisms. And as I was just reviewing Barbara Brennan’s book “Light Emerging” – the color silver also apparently helps to move faster and communicate better.

Now it’s one thing to work with it energetically and another to really experience the color visually… and especially as I was putting layers of colors on top of each other I intuitively kept putting silver layers directly following … I intuitively felt deep cleansing and purging of my wound was needed. And rose color appeared to heal with love and/ or heal my love relations.

And what do you see in the image? – At the end of our “Creative Intelligence” session tonight – I saw these 2 Beings appear on the canvas, overlapping each other and it did seem they are communicating and the bigger one (silver shape in the background) seems to caress or support the blueish flow creature on the left. And it reminded me that in the last days I felt such strong guidance beside me that would talk to me through my heart and in my writing.

I am feeling truly grateful for this amazing manifestation tonight just playing with colors. I can feel a transformation and cleansing into more joy. I feel less sleepy and having more space in my heart. Try the process yourself or join us in one of my workshops aka playdates!

Additionaly check out my image collection on Pinterst here on different colors like silver and rose. There are more boards for other colors. It’s super nice to look at these images if you need a certain healing color to clear your energy field and lift your spirits. More about other colors coming soon