Experimental Play with Sacred Geometry

Last summer I ventured out into different territory and exploring art from a bit more linear perspective than I usually do. My good friend Heidi Schwarzkopf offered a “Free Mandala” summer class that I really enjoyed.

First I did struggle with the “thinking part” the logic, the precision needed to construct geometrics… however after some frustrations were passed through I really enjoyed the depth and meditative energy that I experienced created the art pieces. Of course I included some un-predictible intuitive aspects of watercolor backgrounds and structures. It made it all magical. And I explored still intuitively where the lines wanted to go, which fields wanted to be filled… so many possibilities and unique interpretations.

In one of my main pieces I wanted to explore what happens when 2 toroidal spheres meet and create a 3rd field – like 2 hearts meeting. And I was more then pleased, surpriced and honored to see what depth and alignment appeared. I also enjoyed using the interference colors for the extra shine and magic.

Since then I am just getting so much joy out of combining the more masculine approach of construction with the feminine intuitive flow.

The last piece I put my new glitter water colors to test and created a piece in time for 2020 Solstice + Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction – a ring of celestrial bodies – lighting up.

All art works are available if you want a piece of magic to uplift your environment. Just send me an email to inquire prices.