Coloring the WinterBlues – Healing Low Energy & Depression with Creativity

Do you feel the blues in the winter?

When it is gloomy dark outside, no sun, no snow and light seems far far away I’m often hit by a seasonal depression or low energy and not feeling much of a natural life force. Winter. Blues.

So what can I do when outer sources of inspiration aren’t available as much? Blues is also the answer.

I have found experimenting with fluid acrylic colors especially bright shiny ones brings back my joy. The process of intuitively pouring colors together on the canvas and see what emerges is a strangely energy charging process. Already buying and picking colors can be invigorating.

Each color has a specific frequency and when our own frequency is a little subdued – colors are such a great tool to raise it, frequency, mood, health, joy!!! I am especially loving neon colors, interference colors, metallic colors, pearl… all of those hold very specific light frequencies.

Often I don’t like the end results of the fluid paintings at first – some I have to leave alone to dry and then I look at them in a different light! But the actual medicine and excitement I really find in creative process itself less the end results… tho if it so happens I come to love the painting it instantly refreshes me again. And sharing the creations online to others is a joyful process as well.

So if you find yourself a little blue, use blue colors or anything to color your winter! It works miracles. It can be flowers or looking at art as well. Whatever you feel inspired to.

Though spring seems far away … playing with colors I can connect with the life force of spring and feel energized in-midst the beauty and depth of sobering winter.

Stillness is a gift but change is inevitable. Life force is stirring in many forms and celebration of life is always a good idea no matter the quality of days we find ourselves in.

First year I even recognize there is a keltic holiday called IMBOLC – celebrating the wake of spring in-midst deep winter…

So happy Imbolc!

Here are a few impressions of my latest experiments in fluid art. Unfortunately the camera can’t recreate the neon color light… but imagine oranges and yellows and pinks be very bright. More of it in the gallery here.