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I’ve been trying out and experimenting with another App called “Sketch” by Tayasui on my iphone. I love the possibility to draw into photos directly on my phone… lazy bug that I am!!!

Here’s are my Spring Greeting Cards for you!! And a fun Selfie (Dubble + PixlExpress + Sketch)!



Ich experimentiere grad mit einer neuen App “Sketch” by Tayasui auf meinem iphone. Diese ist umsonst aber es gibt natürlich eine PRO Variante, bei der man auch Fotos importieren und “bemalen” kann. Total genial.

Hier sind meine ersten beiden Frühlingsgrusskarten. Und noch ein Selfie (Dubble, PixlExpress+, Sketch)

Mögt, teilt, säet und schreibt mir- wenn Ihr wollt! Happy Spring-ing!


Hello dear ones …

I have a real special treat for you… yesterday I talked with my dear SeeStar Lucille DancingWind (mystic, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection) about Receiving and Following Guidance.

I felt called to share this (sorta) interview with you all as we cover really interesting questions regarding receiving guidance, trust, confirmation, free will, importance of asking, boundaries and the power of love!!!

Mind the giggles, gaps, image quality and whatnot … this is us in our beginning steps to be more fully seen and so we are figuring things out as we do them…

I hope you will find some real nuggets and inspiration for yourself. Feel free to share if you did and leave us comments below.

Much love,


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This video is a composite channel art that manifested while I was doing what I love being in nature, in the forrest, listening to the flowing, joyful creek and looking at the fresh grown green leaves dancing in the sunlight. I recorded myself singing sounds that seem like words that feel quite native to me. Just recently (this was recorded about a year ago) I came to understand that I am channeling a sort of light code language with healing frequencies. Most people feel a sense of grounding, trust and peace. Next I recorded a japanese bell that was given to me for my ordination into the order of Interbeing (a buddhist practice community founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – who I studied with for 2 years) and then put all 3 tracks together randomly without any adjusting… and this is the result. A magic prayer to the elements, mother earth and father sky all connected. In-joy!