This video is a composite channel art that manifested while I was doing what I love being in nature, in the forrest, listening to the flowing, joyful creek and looking at the fresh grown green leaves dancing in the sunlight. I recorded myself singing sounds that seem like words that feel quite native to me. Just recently (this was recorded about a year ago) I came to understand that I am channeling a sort of light code language with healing frequencies. Most people feel a sense of grounding, trust and peace. Next I recorded a japanese bell that was given to me for my ordination into the order of Interbeing (a buddhist practice community founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – who I studied with for 2 years) and then put all 3 tracks together randomly without any adjusting… and this is the result. A magic prayer to the elements, mother earth and father sky all connected. In-joy!


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  1. Claire Pixie says:

    This makes me feel so peaceful, and like I want to sing too. I think I’ll have a go myself in my allotment (when no one else is there!)

      • Claire Pixie says:

        Well, I tried it this evening and it was very therapeutic. In particular I sang to my strawberry plants. It was like an alien lullaby, but felt very earthy too. It was as if the allotment was singing through me, and it made me feel very safe and peaceful. It was a good experience, because recently human encounters there have not been so peaceful, and the singing seemed to be healing that. So thank you for helping me remember :)

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