The Creative Power of Anger!

I like anger!

It’s such an amazing creative power fuel to get or stay in motion/motivation,movement. To fill the body with life force, to create boundaries so I can surrender to this life energy.

It took a while for me to allow myself to let this energy flow in me without following the impulse to discharge it in the outside through blaming others or any form of violenence or to use it as a selfdestroying weapon (ending up in depression). Often I would rather collapse out of fear to feel this immense life power. Fear of it’s power to trigger traumatic memories. I would rather freeze.

Now I am finally able to face my anger and experience this pure energy wave in a new way. I surrender to its movement, waking the tigress, letting the body express in movement, making faces, fletching teeth, stomp, kick, scribble scrabble or make a color mess on paper …whatever …

I experience this powerful transformation with wonder in myself. And I observe it in my clients that give themselves permission to express their anger through body movement, how the wave turns into passion, pleasure, lust, power, heat and natural grounding that can now flow into their creative projects.

I’m really grateful that I can tap into enough anger to fuel me. For once all the crap of the past is useful. …

Don’t become a ticking bomb with your unexpressed anger! Learn to channel it to fuel you creatively in a safe space to experience the true life creating power. Perfect if you have lots of trauma experiences! It’s time to unlock your life force for good things to happen in your life! Connect with me if you need a witness or someone holding space and ground!