Creating Relationship Harmonies – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance – August 11, 2013

Seems we are continuing the theme of listening this week. Can you see it?

Last week we were encouraged to listen in to the depth of love in ourselves.

This week I see strings creating a harp like form connecting two people. In the original drawing the color here is neon orange. So I feel a lot of passion there. There are no mouths – non-verbal communication. Their hearts seem to connect at each person’s roots and from there to the other. And signals in rose color are send out on the left side. These signals have the same color then the hearts so perhaps from the musical conversation between 2 people the frequency of love transmits in the universe.

The drawing shows 2 faces kind of opposing eachother… which could be 2 people or 2 aspects within ourselves. One is looking in representing perhaps the feminine aspect and the other looking out the masculine aspect. Perhaps we are encouraged to pay attention to what kind of music we create in our relationships with others and within ourself arising from the contrast of our being and doing…. intuition, knowing and action.

Are you creating a symphony of love or more like a punk rock song? In any case the universe is receiving your music and reflecting it back. Perhaps some notes could be modulated to create new harmonies? Or perhaps you want to play more music with others. Give it a try.

What do you see and feel? 

Wishing you a synphonious new week,
with cosmic giggles,