How I discovered Channeled Drawing for Soul Guidance & Healing

Originally this article was published in “InTouch” Spring 2014 – Newsletter of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH).

Antonia Wibke Heidelmann_PortraitDuring my study years I‘ve often doodled interesting creatures and patterns while listening to lectures. At BBSHE I started to pay more attention to what I was actually creating without an agenda. I was curious if these weird, magic and seemingly non-sense images – just like dreams – might reveal unconscious aspects of the soul and if I could uncode the images with intentional practice using drawing as a creative tool to access my guidance. I committed to a playful 90 day drawing experiment giving myself the freedom & space to explore, be curious and see what would manifest. This way doodling became my unique way to connect with myself, express and process feelings while intuitively moving the pen like my inner seismograph. After each drawing I felt charged with a sense of joy and wonder in recognizing whatever I associated with the lines and colors before me.

awh Channeled Drawing Selection

Through the practice of Witnessing-Asking-Experiencing* (WAE) of the creative process, using my imagination and putting my analytical mind to good use I started to read the drawings with more clarity. I recognized faces, repetitive shapes, patterns, colors, etc. and noticed what they meant for me symbolically and what feelings they‘d invoke. Channeled Drawing became a creative healing tool for myself, and I began to understand how to uncode my intuitive visual language as guidance.

I was curious what would happen if I drew for others while connecting with their multidimensional being, wondering if it would reveal valuable information for them as it did for me. I noticed the significance of what people associated with what they saw and how that reflected their own state of multidimensional being (essence, blocks, longings etc.). Sharing observations with each other and using our imagination became a playful way to connect deeper and to understand guidance clearer. Often I literally unknowingly depicted things/people from someone‘s „real“ life. It still startles me and keeps me curios to explore more.

As I started to see the value & magic of these drawings (and myself) the idea to offer channeled drawing as a service was born. Clients were attracted naturally as I shared my drawings online. Spirit truly guided & challenged me to surrender to the unknown & trust my intuition even more deeply while expanding my essence circle: First I drew for people I knew closely, then people I hardly knew and then clients I never met before. I even got to channel for a known actress and a whole group of people for a global event. Recently I was asked to create 2 series of drawings for a known creative spiritual leader to spark her business growth.

I noticed that people like artwork as a physical representation of energy and that intuitive drawings have the potential to initiate healing. Stimulating the right brain through imagination and wonder the client naturally opens the receiving channels while also putting the left brain to good use for reflection. I experienced that playfulness & intuitive art make a significant difference to create awareness & transformation with more ease.

Because I kept seeing it as a playful experiment, I felt free of expectations and this helped me to open my channel (High Sense Perception), to dance with the unknown, to enjoy observing the creative life force manifesting whatever wanted to show itself, and to value my creations as „good enough“. I actually physically witnessed how judgements, fear etc. stopped my creative flow because the pen would stop moving. Until this day I keep learning so much from witnessing myself in the creative process and its gifts for my life keep unfolding.

Channeled Drawing: Alignment

Through channeled drawing I discovered a practical tool to being with, creating from and valuing my essence. Connecting with people and sustaining myself financially has been the most challenging in my life. Through this project I‘m experiencing a shift: Instead of convincing people (and myself) how „good“ I am to get hired/loved, I‘m witnessing that in nurturing and honoring my essence creatively my field naturally expands to the people who resonate, feel inspired and reflect value back to me even financially.

I am now integrating the creative channeling process with Brennan Healing Science® in my practice (Creative Transformation Sessions) so clients learn to use their own creative expression to communicate with their higher self to clear life issues and nurture their unique essence. I started offering creative channeling playdates for groups to give room for free expression and facilitate creative awareness to receive guidance, healing and essential fulfillment. I‘m dreaming of facilitating creative intuition workshops globally and to co-create playful healing experiences with other transformation agents. (If this is you, let‘s connect!)

I am extremely grateful to realize that this project offered fulfillment of my initial longing for coming to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing: to find my own way to reconnect with people, to clarify my purpose for being here and to unify my diverse skills to be of service to others and built a successful business based on my passion.

„When imagination is focused with intention and purpose – reality is transformed.“ Matt Kahn

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