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Give your Self to the Whole with Joy

In integration of my creative process on the soul art journey I was invited to by Laura Hollick this year in her live stream with over 12.000 people around the globe signed up, here are some of my reflections…

What Inspired me to do a Soul Art journey?

What inspired me was the invitation from Laura to creating together with so many creative souls in a collective wave. I felt a tickling to play with colors and charge my creative batteries with the joy of connection.

How would I describe my creative process?

Having attended many SoulArtDay events over the years, this time was different in the way that I spend a good amount of time to prepare and tuning into my intention. I created a Channeled Drawing to tune into the energy of the day – a day before the event. It showed me the “face to face with space by a huge guide and growing seeds interconnected with their roots). I also gained so much clarity in the process of finding my intention through Laura’s guidebook.

I was invited to create in the Live Stream together with Laura and fellow featured artists that I have had the pleasure to create with before in person which rekindled my joy to co-create and infused my intention to align with the Joy of Connection. My creative waves of excitement just flowed onto the canvas with neon bright colors and shiny metallics flying off the canvas.

Before hand I had traced the outlines of my hair as I have lost a lot through the virus (the hair are also fine antennae for connection) and I painted the symbol of the heart on the canvas to symbolize my intention to align with the joy of receiving love and affection in relationship.

Initially it was a bit strange to be feeling “watched” by a large audience in my creative process, but it also gave me the fuel to surf this creative wave to the fullest and without much thinking about it. I became very infused in the wave and almost did not hear Laura inviting us back to the screen to share our insights and our experience. My mind was pretty blank or unable to make sense with words yet… and it took my a while after this live event to feel a sense of “me” as I was so immersed in the creative wave of I think 12.000 people who signed up for the event.

I continued to refine my painting in the coming 2-3 days surfing the wave to the end. I received much insight in writing, reflecting my process after I came back to my “mind”. :)


What insight did I receive from my Soul Art?

“Give your Self to the Whole with Joy”

The joy of connection feels ecstatic. It can feel like a death of Self and perhaps uncomfortable at first with the mind having no identity to hold onto. But joy is a pure feeling requiring of being “out of your mind.”

I feel my process is also reflecting a collective calling … a tuning into how to be a joyful puzzle piece of the whole image. After we spend much time to figuring out who we are as an individual and why we are here – it is time to realize what our joyful place of contribution to the community, to the culture and to the planet is. The many dots of paints in my painting perhaps represent all of us… each in their creative power place contributing to the whole symphony.

Personally it gave me insight why I may often hesitate to fully give myself in connection with others out of the fear of loss of identity, which was so healing to regain after trauma. But I understand that I am ready now to let “it” go again – knowing I am not loosing my Self but give my Self to a bigger intention out of love and trust in the Whole.

What is the most important thing I want share about my Soul Art experience?

After 2 years of collective isolation a feel a burst of collective reconnection with joy.

Shifting my focus on the JOY of connection and less on the overwhelm in feeling everyones feelings as an intuitive is a major key in coming more out of my safe bubble again and again. The joy felt in connection to each other as human beings is so very powerful!

Thank you Laüra Hollick for your invitation to this journey, radiating from your own power place in the collective and hosting this event together with Kevin with so much grace, love and presence.


It’s that magic time of the year again.

On July 28, 2022 Laüra Hollick is hosting her “International Soul Art Day” – when thousands of people gather from around the globe to create art together for the day. The vortex of energy that is stirred up on this day is palpable.  Through the energy of the collective gathering, everyone’s creativity is lifted to new heights. It’s extraordinary!

There is nothing better than the feeling of your soul’s truth moving through you. That’s why I love Soul Art Day…

You can join in for free when you sign up here: SoulArtDay.com

This year marks the 10th anniversary of #SoulArtDay and I had the pleasure to participate a couple times and even create in Laüra Hollick‘s Studio in Canada. I’ve taken Laura’s courses in the 2010s and always loved her creative inspiration and guidance. I created over 2 dozen Channeled Drawings for Laüra personally, her business and SoulArtDay Groups over the years. I’m so grateful for our creative connection and modeling the way for artists to find a prosperous place in the world. 

In preparation for the BIG DAY I’m getting the creative juices flowing doing another Channeled Drawing to tune into the energy of the BIG Day tomorrow. 

My pens are picking up a big face to face and embrace with a mysterious guide from beyond while sparking roots and new growth…

Well that does sound great, doesn’t it? Watch the creative process here in this time-lapse video:



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I will never forget my journey all the way from Hamburg, Germany to Hamilton, Canada to be live in the Soul Art Studio for Soul Art Day with Laura and 4 other amazing artists in 2015 as you see me getting body mapped in the picture below.

This year I will join Laüra in the Live Stream.

So you can watch me and a few other amazing artists like Outi Harma, Amadea Baily, Lucinda Ray, (in the picture below) and Shilo Sophia, Alexis Cohen and many others starting from 11:30am EST (Toronto) / 17:30 Berlin time on and create along side us.  When you sign up you get a guidebook and Laura will lead you life as well.


The beauty of Soul Art Day is the fact that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it doesn’t matter how much or how little skill you have as an artist, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what your background is… All that matters is giving yourself permission to connect with your Creative Spirit and express yourself.

Give yourself permission to express your creativity without judgement, fear or perfectionism. This simple act of creative expression will change your life in the most profound ways. Join me, along with thousands of creative spirits, as we dive into the creative vortex of Soul Art Day to liberate our Inner Artist and download the next vision for our life.

Will you give yourself permission to show up for your Creative Spirit?

Over 10,000 Creative Spirits already sign up. Will you let yourself experience the magic this year?!

Get all the details and join us for Soul Art Day on July 28: www.soulartday.com 


Laüra Hollick, the creator of Soul Art, will guide you through a simple Soul Art journey.  You don’t need art experience to enjoy this incredible experience. All you need is the desire to express yourself, and the willingness to carve out sacred space for your unique creativity to flow.  You can work at your own pace for as long as little time that suits your Creative Spirit.

Let this be your door to pure inspiration…

See you in the creative vortex of Soul Art Day!
Sign up today: www.soulartday.com

This is the guidance I received for this Channeled Drawing I created for International Soul Art Day 2014 hosted by Laura Hollick.

This drawing really stands for creating from our essence when we spiral into our core center held by our heart with loving caring hands and then expanding from this center outward connecting with other essences creating a beautiful network of lights.
It reminds us also of listening in to understand when we need accelerated movement and when it is time to slowing down and to look for a balance between the two.
The alien looking creature tells us to bring out all parts of us as weird and wild they seem to create and fuel our joy of creation. We are always supported in our heArt creations by the universe that rejoices when we nurture our creative essence.

In this video reading I explain the creative guidance in more detail.

Feel free to share and comment below your own insights, what you see and where your imagination takes you.


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Guidebook TitleWhat to start channeling your own guidance?

Get a free video tutorial and this free Guidebook when you click on the image below or fill in your information in the form below.

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Creating a Channeled Drawing Series for Laura Hollick from Soul Art Studio

I am so delighted to present you the Personal Channeled Drawing Series I did for the wonderful Laura Hollick from Soul Art Studio. Over the last months I channeled these images for Laura to receive guidance and spiritual insights for her Nü business and life.

Growing trust

It was a new growth in my own practice as a drawing medium to hold Laura’s specific questions and intentions while I was channeling the images. I am truly amazed how I have been able to deepen my trust and surrender to this creative practice growing my capacity to hold the space for a succesfull creative-spiritual entrepreneur which keep surprizing me in the way images manifest.

Deep Gratitude

For many years Laura has been a guiding north star for me, through embodying her creative power in service of awakening and creative activation. She has modeled for me how I can truly own my creativity in the unique and fulfilling ways as it flows through me. She is a benevolent mentor and highly attuned to her own spirit and that of her tribe.


» Wibke’s ability to express spiritual wisdom through her channeled drawings is incredible! I have had the honor of experiencing 10 channeled drawings and each one has deepened my awareness and opened me to understand my issues and challenges in nü empowering ways. I continue to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of Wibke’s channeled drawings and I know I will for years to come! «

This is a co-creative channeling project I did in tune with Laura Hollick’s Global Vision Quest in November 2012. I was asked to channel for the group to receive soul guidance and inspiration for this event. I was broadcasted as a feature artist in Laura’s weekly inspirational newsletter and blog here. I felt truly honored and supported to expand my channeling to a new group level.

I created this Channeled Drawing and a Sound Channeling in which I use toning as well as channeling a light language that feels very ancient. This version here I played abit with echo to make it more spacey but you find the original on my Soundcloud channel here.

The way the drawing manifested is revealing it’s message to me as follows:

From the swirl of the divine feminine and masculine source (lilac and blue spiral at the left bottom), two paths are created to follow the flowing waters of life to be reunited in  the heart center where with the breath of spirit the fires of our passion are inflamed.

On this path the whale in the deep waters reminds us of the ancient wisdom that can be unlocked from our body’s cellular memory through relationship to oneself and each other (what looks like bubbles reminds me of the shape of the cells connected to form a tissue or organ, body or relational or co-creative collective consciousness).

There is an empty field like shape (on the right side) that is ours to plant, grow and harvest what we are here to create in this life and from which we grow (green plant) and connect with spirit (figure with the lilac hair).

Through this connection our fires keep burning, some tears are shed and from the breathing and being in the center of our sacred human heart we are able to unveil or open up to see multi-dimensionally (rainbow eye) into the essence of our being (star in the eye) and connect with the cosmic space and mystic creatures (the eyelashes look like antennae in rainbow colors) pointing to the space and the stars and lead to the mermaid figure on top – a symbol of a sensuality, freedom, love, mystery, flow, effortless being.

What seems to me the crystallized message here in support of finding our iconic essence in this Global Vision Quest:

Dive deep into your internal waters and relationships, dance to the feminine and masculine union, look at what grows in your life and see how it all connects back into the heart through your breath of life. What you love, who you love, what fires up your passion is what opens you up to your iconic essence. The key is in the wisdom of our bodies and relationships that we grow that are supported and embraced by the breath of spirit.

Published as Guest Post on Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Studio Blog here