The Joy Of Connection

Give your Self to the Whole with Joy

In integration of my creative process on the soul art journey I was invited to by Laura Hollick this year in her live stream with over 12.000 people around the globe signed up, here are some of my reflections…

What Inspired me to do a Soul Art journey?

What inspired me was the invitation from Laura to creating together with so many creative souls in a collective wave. I felt a tickling to play with colors and charge my creative batteries with the joy of connection.

How would I describe my creative process?

Having attended many SoulArtDay events over the years, this time was different in the way that I spend a good amount of time to prepare and tuning into my intention. I created a Channeled Drawing to tune into the energy of the day – a day before the event. It showed me the “face to face with space by a huge guide and growing seeds interconnected with their roots). I also gained so much clarity in the process of finding my intention through Laura’s guidebook.

I was invited to create in the Live Stream together with Laura and fellow featured artists that I have had the pleasure to create with before in person which rekindled my joy to co-create and infused my intention to align with the Joy of Connection. My creative waves of excitement just flowed onto the canvas with neon bright colors and shiny metallics flying off the canvas.

Before hand I had traced the outlines of my hair as I have lost a lot through the virus (the hair are also fine antennae for connection) and I painted the symbol of the heart on the canvas to symbolize my intention to align with the joy of receiving love and affection in relationship.

Initially it was a bit strange to be feeling “watched” by a large audience in my creative process, but it also gave me the fuel to surf this creative wave to the fullest and without much thinking about it. I became very infused in the wave and almost did not hear Laura inviting us back to the screen to share our insights and our experience. My mind was pretty blank or unable to make sense with words yet… and it took my a while after this live event to feel a sense of “me” as I was so immersed in the creative wave of I think 12.000 people who signed up for the event.

I continued to refine my painting in the coming 2-3 days surfing the wave to the end. I received much insight in writing, reflecting my process after I came back to my “mind”. :)


What insight did I receive from my Soul Art?

“Give your Self to the Whole with Joy”

The joy of connection feels ecstatic. It can feel like a death of Self and perhaps uncomfortable at first with the mind having no identity to hold onto. But joy is a pure feeling requiring of being “out of your mind.”

I feel my process is also reflecting a collective calling … a tuning into how to be a joyful puzzle piece of the whole image. After we spend much time to figuring out who we are as an individual and why we are here – it is time to realize what our joyful place of contribution to the community, to the culture and to the planet is. The many dots of paints in my painting perhaps represent all of us… each in their creative power place contributing to the whole symphony.

Personally it gave me insight why I may often hesitate to fully give myself in connection with others out of the fear of loss of identity, which was so healing to regain after trauma. But I understand that I am ready now to let “it” go again – knowing I am not loosing my Self but give my Self to a bigger intention out of love and trust in the Whole.

What is the most important thing I want share about my Soul Art experience?

After 2 years of collective isolation a feel a burst of collective reconnection with joy.

Shifting my focus on the JOY of connection and less on the overwhelm in feeling everyones feelings as an intuitive is a major key in coming more out of my safe bubble again and again. The joy felt in connection to each other as human beings is so very powerful!

Thank you Laüra Hollick for your invitation to this journey, radiating from your own power place in the collective and hosting this event together with Kevin with so much grace, love and presence.