Well, this week’s channeled drawing seems a little out of the ordinary. (well most of these drawings are actually… thihii)… as it has a lot of different elements that may seem not to go together at first. So I am really curious what you see in this one for yourself.

In my experience these drawings unfold their meaning or guidance with time, so perhaps it will all make more sense at the end of the week. I look forward to reading your experience, comments, insights as I did last week. Thanks for your lovely sharings. It’s a pleasure to read them and gain new perspective through you.

Now see for yourself: the new Channeled Drawing for the week of April 29-May 5, 2013. 

And here are my own insights on this one. Click play to view the video.

Here are some questions to deepen your personal experience with this:

  • What out of the ordinary would you like to experience next week?
  • How open are you to receive something that doesn’t make sense?

As always I would love to hear your insights, heart sharings and guiding messages for the coming week. Please share them here on the blog or write me directly.

If you enjoyed my channeled drawing guidance and know of people who would like it as well and join in on the sharings, share the video or image on facebook, social media. I am beyond grateful for your support.
With cosmic giggles from my heart to yours,


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  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Antonia W*bke, Beautiful,

    I love your Drawing and your sharing. Some of it even applies to my day as I feel some sadness about the old leaving my life and excitement and openness to the new. I saw the staircase as a telephone initially and the round structure in the middle as some magical mirror and connection point to Spirit – or Spirit Radio? The little one eyed created looks like a baby bundle, maybe an angel embryo? Definitely fun things to unfold. It is scary to not know. It is very fun to not know… yet…

    It can also mean:”Prepare for random miracles – Angles at Work!” Teehee!

    Much love to you, my dear Channel Artist,
    please, keep up the great work. It’s lovely!

    big hug,

    ☆✩ Tanya ✩☆

    • W*bke says:

      Love it Tanya… especially the spirit radio… I can see the round opening being like one of those round microphones. That’s great.

      I sure love experiencing random miracles! Like finding my sparkly dress for 70% less and in the right size ahhaa…

      Thank you sweet for your encouragement and sharing your insight. Very precious!

  2. Rachel Flower says:

    I see new life emerging from a womb… in the form of powerful words… There’s some sadness, which feels really part of the letting go… acknowledging the sadness, and opening to the support that has always been there but perhaps was unseen. Many layers, many dimensions. And a new opportunity just opening up.

    • W*bke says:

      I love what you perceive dear Rachel. Definatly feeling the sadness too. Isn’t it interesting how we are sad leaving something that doesn’t work anyways… It takes much courage to step into the unknown and trust the new unfolding under our feet.

      • Ina says:

        Hi Antonia,
        I completely relate to all of this entering into the unknown, a new life emerging from a womb, letting go but also letting happiness enter in a new way in our lives. Yes, you are right courage!
        Thank you Antonia.
        Much love,

  3. W*bke says:

    I really enjoy reading what people see in this drawing and here are some more of those perspectives people have shared with me:

    – “to me the brown square object in the lower right hand corner was a radio and there was a connection through it to the blue bird who was picking up sounds from out there and to the character who needed to be heard.”

    – “the man is blindfolded – he can’t see and under you can see a seeing creature that offers a new way of seeing. the man is in pain. he learns to see in a new way but the process is not easy for him. the way is nerow and steep. but he is not alone. the bird is guiding him through the process enen if he is not aware of it’s presence. the bird is humble and not looking for recognition. it is just there to protect and support the man.
    … and the new seeing – the eye looks sad to me, not bad. through the sadness, and by bringing it to awaarness, the process evolves.”

    – “The inner most stair look like a mouth:the red lips.(inner critic)
    The thread shows all things are connected.
    The ‘crow’ seems to have a message.
    The purple creature looks like a heart(an innocent child), with hands holding together, saying “”please””
    The ribbons of light is your auric field filter.
    Hence: The crow has a message, this message enters through the filter to your heart. The inner critic can interfere with the message. You can affect the message, the message can affect you.”

    – “The phrase “A new perspective” is what came to me…”

    -“To me the person in the back cannot see where he goes (yet) after stepping through a portal to an other timeline. He is supported by his guides and has to release some old trauma (subconscious) so he can move on easier. The keyword for this week: trust the guidance you receive from Spirit. Everything is taken care for. Your drawings are very accurate! Thanks!”

    -The open ring and bird creature around the mouth might symbolise open communication and honesty with words? The eye is also interesting…could be representative of a third eye or eye of truth. These elements all play well together and to me, this message seems really positive, encouraging us to be brave, see truth, do what’s right, and speak the truth…

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