This is the new Channeled Drawing Soul Guidance Reading for next week. I called it “Mending the Heart”.

(Find out more about that in the video below.)

Take some time to look at the drawing yourself first and noticewhat you see. What jumps at you first, what thoughts you start thinking, where does it take you. How do you feel….

I hope you can get some insights for yourself. I love to hear what you see & hear and feel and receive for yourself through this drawing. Please share in the comments below also if you have questions or need support with matters of the heart. I am here to listen & support.

See and hear what reveals itself to me in this video below.

How do you use your voice to mend your heart matters?

How do you reconcile the different aspects of your personality in your heart?

I love to hear your comments and insights. Please share below.

Have a full-hearted week,
nothing but love,





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  1. Ina says:

    Beautiful Antonia!
    Union, becoming only one, from the heart. Growing and finding its own voice. It speaks a lot to me.
    Thanks for sharing. Sending much love,

    • W* says:

      Hmm that gives me the idea of a choir… all different voices singing one song and bringing more dimensions to create a fuller sound.

      Thanks Ina.

  2. Tanya says:

    Hi Antonia Wibke,

    what a wonderful video and beautiful drawing. I loved how you interpreted it all so beautifully. Makes total sense. The frail roots at the bottom can also represent the vessels that go from the heart into the organism, some to transport the oxygen rich blood into the body with joyous circulation, and other transport the used blood away and through the heart again, so it can be enriched with oxygen coming through the lungs through great connection with nature and the breath of life.

    Very beautiful. I love the little green rebel punk :)

    It will be very enriching to see more of your videos,

    thank you, dear starsis,

    with nü joy,

    ☆✩ Heartist at Play – Tanya ✩☆

    • W* says:

      Tihiii thanks Tanya I can feel that green punky naughty rebel in you ;) So sweet (though he wouldn’T like to hear that!!!).

      Yes, circulation is a great new aspect to bring to this. Receiving the new and letting go of the old to the compost…. Nice!

      Thanks for the support ✩☆SiSTAR☆✩!

  3. michelle says:

    Dear Antonia,

    Thank you for courageously sharing your journey with us.

    As soon as I saw your lovely drawing, I saw the four states of a woman’s (or man’s) life.

    I saw the newborn child-eyes wide open- fully taking in their world.
    Then I saw the face of the adolescent- suspicious, and experimenting with how much of the cultures values are really theirs.
    Then I saw the middle age person who has now lived long enough to really start to see the world through their own eyes. They are fully engaged in life and life is fully engaging them, and this is occurring, in part, through the brokenness that they have experienced in life, because it is through these experiences of challenge and the dissolution of their dreams/expectations which have opened them to new realities about who they are and what they want, and what they have to give to life, itself.
    The final face speaks to me of the aging, tired but contented stage of life, in which there is such a trust and restfulness that eyes may rest, and perhaps this person has more inner vision now, so they don’t even need their out eyes to be quite so vigilant, and also, because it is internalized wisdom which is shared with others through their trust of life, and the learnings they have gleaned from it.

    I noticed the tiny buds over the face of the infant, and the full sized flower emerging from the area of the sage, and also that the awakened third-stager cam to be what he or she was THROUGH that brokenness to which you referred- not by avoiding it, but by having lived through all sorts of urgency, crisis. loss and still being/finding/maintaining love through all of this.

    Again, that you for sharing this beautiful gift with all of us!!


    • W* says:

      Dear Michelle,

      wow that’s a great analogy with the four states of life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I truly honor the fruits of each life stage… though I might not have lives all. I wonder what this means for you personally? Perhaps you are transitioning from one stage to another or feel called to honor each stage with your heart within you or or representatives in your family and tribe? I love to hear how your guidance effects your daily life perception.

  4. Eline says:

    Dear Wibke,

    Thank you for the drawing and your explaining of it.
    It made sens.
    When I first looked at the drawing, I saw the roots and the blooming and ofcourse the faces.
    But there wasn’t coming any idear what it was about.
    That make me feel sad and some sort of blocked.
    I want to feel more with my heart’.
    Mayby you can give me tips how to look at it,so the feelings will come.
    When I read the other comments there all so lovely.
    But I did remeber my birthsong, so that’s wonderful.

    Much love


    • W* says:

      Dear Eline, thanks so much for sharing your heart ❤.
      such an wonderful intention to feel more with your heart. I want that too. And sometimes it is just very challenging and painful (see the scar), so we “protect” ourselves and keep it closed and feel less. Often we settle for safety. It’s OK. It takes great courage to be vulnerable. Just give your heart some space to breath deeply and sigh… let it use your vocal cords to express whatever it wants to tell you. I am happy you asked. Let me know how it goes. I am hear to listen.
      Much love, W*

  5. Tobias Hüttenhofer says:

    Antonia, this is totally awesome!!!

    You are explaining your drawing in such a loving and intimate way that its not only clear in mind but also rings true in heart. It simply makes me smile.

    THIS IS SO YOU. <3

    Much LOVE to you dear :)


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