Aloha, happy Solstice and Strawberry Super Moon everyone!

Now what is a strawberry super moon? Well a super moon is when the moon appears closest to the earth as it wobbles around the earth in more of an elliptical way. It sometimes looks bigger when it rises and since it is the month of strawberries (my favorites) perhaps that’s why it is called that way or the moon appears more red? Check it out for yourself. The scientific term is perigee. So we are invited to look at issues of distance and closeness, day and night, light and shadow.

So this weeks channeled drawing is presencing an interesting reflection of that. But see for yourself and let it speak to you – let your mind wander and take a imaginative journey.

I share more about this drawing and the issue of integrating the shadow in this video:

Questions for deeper exploration:

  • How far do you keep your shadow from your heart. Are you willing to look at it and bring it closer to your heart?
  • Connect with your inner wild cat and let it make sounds to help you connect with your deeper feelings to be expressed and integrated into your fullness of being.

Love to hear about your insights and experiences in the comments below,

with purring love and cosmic giggles,




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  1. Barbara says:

    Beautiful W*bke thank you for another drawing full of life and longing and wit.
    I was wondering about the ‘cat’ like being – could it be the part that is looking to the past not wanting to let it go – while the dark and light figures are nourishing each other and so they can look forwards together to creat a heart based trust in themselves, even though the ‘cat-being’ still needs the connection with all that’s gone before.
    Big love beautiful girl.

    • W*bke says:

      yes dear Barbara, the time issue past, future, present is interesting to incorporate. I like the way you see more depth. So you!!! Thank you for your sharing.

      Also someone saw actually a bunny instead of the cat. How interesting what diverse our individual perception and imagination is. I love it!

  2. Eline says:

    Hi Wibke,

    Thanks for the drawing and the comment. It make’s sense for me. Especially about the catfigure. What Barbara said about it. It felt so thrue to me. Letting the past go, or also integrate it in the whole being. Learning to live with my shadow as well.
    Thanks again it helped me a lot on my path. xxx

    • W*bke says:

      Wonderful to hear from you Eline. Yes integrating our past and the shadow pieces of the personality seems to be an important step to make new choices into more freedom and fulfillment. At least that’s how it’s unfolding for me. Thanks for your sharing and much love. xxx

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