Heart & Soul Resonance – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 22, 2013

With a little bit of delay but right in divine time with today’s full Supermoon the new Channeled Drawing for this week of July 22 – July 28, 2013.

It seems to me we are being called into our hearts, to feel our passion and let its wisdom speak and space created and realize how and if its frequency actually resonnates with our surrounding.

I can feel the sound waves being send out and also being received from the universe, constantly aligning and reprogramming with our higher purpose and that of the planet and the universe.

These are potent times for sure. I love the 3 eyes that see different perspectives yet for a unity in some way. I can feel the elements present here with the fire, water, air and earth.
It’s a fine skill to balance all elements in a way that is beneficial for our growth. Sometimes we need to cool our fires and sometimes we need to bring more air to spark the flames of our hearts desires.

What is it gonna be for you this week? Cooling down or firing up or finding the balance?

It’s definately emotional this week as we head towards the next magical upgrade from the heavens next monday as it is said the planets will form a sextile, a star of david or merkaba that in this constellation last appeared after WWII. So it seems to me a good sign of uplifting energies. Feel free to read more about it in the interwebs. I am not an astrologer however as highly intuitive I can just feel the change in the air and especially in my cells. That much that it actually knocked me out with a flu for a few days. That seems to happen to some sensitive people in order to cleanse and release old stuck patterns in form of mucus and such from our systems to create more space to welcome the new energies. I kind of see that represented in the white space in the drawing as it would be in the troat area that has been cleansed in my system.

Love to hear your thoughts on the drawing and how you are managing the energetic waves this week.

With love and cosmic giggles,