Re-connection – Weekly Channeled Drawing June 16-22, 2013

I don’t have too many words to share this week. It’s more about being with what is.
And so here is the channeled drawing for this week.

Some self-care inspirations for this week:

Remember a happy moment in your childhood and revisit the scene and look at yourself, take yourself in energetically, merge with her/him and invite her to visit a younger version of yourself in a moment of lonliness, seperation and despair. Take that little one in your arms with the energy of the happy child and infuse her with that feeling and your love. See if you get a smile from any of yourselves.

Here is a little inspirational video from a little girl who perfectly demonstrates how easy it is to connect from the heart.

View Video here  (Note: it links to facebook, hope you are signed up.)

And a special bonus sound channeling healing codes to clear and align your energy field that came through tonight:

Click on the button to load the content from w.soundcloud.com.

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If you like to share your impressions of the drawing or with the little self-care exercise, i love to read your sharings and your wisdom in the comments.

Have a tender-filled week
with cosmic giggles,