This is the new channeled drawing for this coming week. Seems rather sacred to me.

If you received your own message from the drawing listen to what message has transpired for me in this video.

Some questions for self-reflection:

-What are your sacred children / projects?
-What kind of support you long for to be able to create your dream?

Looking forward to your comments and insights below.

Have a divine week with cosmic giggles,



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  1. W*bke says:

    Interesting synchronicity… I just got back from visiting a friend and n my way back waiting for the subway… i heard a high pitched sound and then I realized it was coming from the top of a advertising display where a dove was sitting and holding her wings over the little chicks that were squeaking as people approached the stand. And so the mother bird was being overly nervous and protective. I felt a lot of care and love from her.

  2. Claire Pixie says:

    Your drawing reminds me of the mother goddess Wibke – Gaia/Sophia. She embodies everything we need to manifest the things we love. I like how there are the little flowers/plants growing on her. It is as if all the elements and forces involved in manifestation are described in the colours of her hair. It reminds me of the surface of the earth. For me the propella represents the momentum of the earth. The spiral to me suggests anticlockwise movement, which is the direction the earth moves in the northern hemisphere. So to me this drawing is saying ‘relax; just connect with love to how the universe works through the body of the earth and your dreams will come true.’ Very reassuring, and a timely reminder for me. Thank you :-)

    • W*bke says:

      wow I love your message and your way of seeing. Amazing how our soul and the divine speaks through us. Thanks for your sharing.

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