This weeks channeled drawing is connected to my recent experience of revisiting a past life in a different space and time and world. I know this might be stretching your minds a little but perhaps not. Anyone who knows me a little longer won’t be surprised. And honestly who hasn’t felt abit out of this world or alien from time to time?

Anyhow here is my drawing. Don’t you like this funny fellow?

How does this drawing make you feel? What do you see? What are your associations?
In this video I share briefly my insights and guidance.

Here are some guiding questions for this week

– What moves you in this life?
– How do you connect with your soul?
– What gifts are you bringing to this world?

Feel free to share your insights, comments, questions below. Love to connect with you.
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Have an amazing moving week,
with love and cosmic giggles,



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  1. Barbara says:

    your strangely ethereal drawing is so sweet and tender and playful, it is as well
    a dancing being and a moving, touching yearning being. In your video you speak a lot about pleasure and being grounded and it seems as if being in this world is the place where this can happen and we’re not here for that long so grasp, or rather touch, the opportunities as they come to you/me/us. I guess we need to be reminded again and again. Thank you dear W*bke

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