Observing resting presence – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance September 1, 2013

This weeks drawing has much detail and intense colors – unfortunately my scanner cannot pick up… so image the yellow being neon orange color and some of the purple neon pink.

As I just channeled this I felt a sort of free flow and deeper letting go of the outcome. Just kept drawing not knowing what it would be… as this is how I always do it… yet I felt a deeper level of trust and in that a certain presence observing.

I can now see this as well in what the drawing shows me… these blue little creatures… seems like old friends, little helpers, guides supporting their soulfamily on earth.

The fire aspect is prominent as well as some air in form of a cloud or steam in the upper right corner… but maybe it is an unmanifested blue friend as well. What do you think?

I am still curious about this heart that seems to be kind of floating or being delivered by another blue shaped form. One could see it as lost but it is not my feeling with it… maybe its a shared one, an offered one. It has gone through some darkness however is whole and deep. That’s how I feel it.

The man and the woman both seem resting in some way… however holding a connection. The man is reaching for or holding the fire that is seems to radiate from the feminine figure all surrounded by rose color clouds and waves.

I have a peaceful feeling with this drawing eventhough there is much activity in the lines… I keep being curious about it. Are you?

How well can you find that resting place while there is so much changes in your surroundings. Can you find that observer in yourself that looks with peace and loving kindness at whatever is happening?

It often helps me to concentrate on my breath or listen to the silence between the sounds. It enhances my presence and I feel more alive.

I wish you a effortless kind creative week,
with cosmic giggles,