Creative Excitement – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 14-21, 2013

Here is the Channeled Drawing for the coming week.

I can spot some very energetic and some calming elements in this one. I am really curious where your imagination is going looking this image and what kind story you can tell and perhaps what kind of guidance you can draw from it.

Love to hear your comments as always and feel free to share with your frineds to get more input, ideas inspiration for yourself. It could be a fun conversation with someone ;) So enjoy.

Here is what I see and what it means to me:

I see a rattle snake that sends out a warning or urgency to act or not re-act. Snakes are also a symbol for the kundalini energy, the creative life force energy and so I believe this week is another great opportunity to look at how we can express our creative life force in inspiring creations. The little flame there at the end of the rattle seems like ignited in some way. Perhaps the snake and the rattle also symbolized fears that we have around expressing our creativity and allow ourselves to dream or manifest our creative longings into being.

The central piece to me is like a heart space with many expanding layers radiating from this being or perhaps revealing this being inside. It could be the playful child perhaps? I see the dots that cold be the cells that are supporting us in our creative wave if we listen to our body’s natural rhythm. The middle seems like a flow of honey to me juicy, sweet nourishing.

The figure on the right looks like a white cat to me almost like a statue and it tells me to keep the balance between actively creating, imagining and just being present and receiving the visions or perhaps the need to resting to balance the creative expressions to integrate the expansion waves.

There’s a rainbow that also like a field. Reminds me of “the field of dreams” which kinda seems to catch on fire from the power of the sun. We all know the sun is very active at the moment and can have an influence on our creative wave in many ways.

In summary this drawing calls me to look at what keeps me from creating my dream and connect more with what inspires me to reveal and create from my heart space and expand the field of the heart in co-creation with the life pulse and keeping the balance of doing and being.

Guiding questions for contemplation and exploration:

– What fear keeps you from expanding into your creative bliss?
– How can you balance your active creative expression with an inner beingness?

Have a magic creative week,
with cosmic giggles,