Playful Focus – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance – August 26, 2013

This weeks channeled drawing brings even more dolphin energy.
See for yourself.


The one dolphin seems really cute and young and perhaps reminds us to tap even more into the playful aspects within ourself when we create our life.

COME PLAY! Bring your inner child to your daily routine.

The other dolphin seems a little further away and perhaps it may represent the elder part of us… not sure. However both of them create a circular motion and flow… so perhaps to find a balance between letting our inner child play and at the same time keep the wider view and direction of the creation in sight. Finding the balance.
The dolphin is covering the right side of the woman’s face. And as someone pointed out to me perhaps it is pointing the right brain… our systemic, logic, linear thinking and the dolphin as more of a flow, intuitive “left” brain representative here suggests to also balance our right brain and bring in more flow into our planning, thinking and systems as we are used to. 

And perhaps you see much more and different things. I am curious to know. Share your view in the comments below.

Wishing you a splashing playful focused flow for this week,
with cosmic giggles,