Manifesting New Dimensional Depth – Weekly Channeled Drawing Guidance July 29, 2013

This week’s Channeled Drawing is received in the high of a very energetic time.

So here is the drawing:


I feel it reflects the new dimensions and feminine ways of being and manifesting.

I see a right hand (right action) with an opening in the middle with layers that seem to go deeper down into a open space illuminated with a yellow glowing light coming from one side.
Also the 6 pointed star (star of david or merkaba) is presented in the left corner creating a network of different light frequencies. The blue and the brown, water and earth that are represented by the planets in the formation of the rare sextile that is appearing on Monday July 29th in the heavens and is said to be a very special sign. I am not going into the meaning as I am not an astrologer or anything however since it appears on the drawing the feeling that I read from it intuitivly is a coming together of different powerful energies or frequencies, a unification that forms a new structure which represents wholeness and connection whihc also helps the new dimensions to ground on earth.

The flowers on the left side remind me of the beauty of creation, to create beautiful things in a feminine – intuitive way and/or appreciate the beauty of nature to help us shift into this new awareness, ground the new depth of connection.

I am sure you can see more and read more details from it from your own perception and understanding. I love to hear your comments as always. Feel free to share them here in the comments below.

Have a be-you-ti-full uplifting and peaceful week,
with cosmic giggles,