I so happy to share my weekly channeled drawing readings with you from now on.

If you haven’t seen it check out my short introduction video here.

Channeled Drawing is a fun intuitive technique I discovered for myself over a year ago and ever since have evolved into giving soul guidance reading for other people and groups. It’s been really a magical unfoldment of my own creative and intuitive development and a lovely way to share with eachother what magic unfolds from being with these images.

So NOW traraaaaaaa…. drum roll…. Here is this weeks Channeled Drawing:


I invite you to look at the image and explore for yourself a little bit what it tells you and when you’re ready find out what insights have come through me for this coming week here in this video:


I would love to hear your insights and a guiding message for the coming week. Please share them in the comments below!! 

So exciting. Have fun exploring your guidance.


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  1. Katrine Legg Hauger says:

    Woow Wibke, I love love love your channeled drawings! As always <3

    This one is truly magnificent – and very timely for me and my processes these days, creating new webpage following my inner impulses, while hosting a 6 weeks Global Alchemy Activation event. I also have the owl as a power animal, and I got chills when I saw this <3

    To me it is a matter of individual and global perspectives, and I, as a visionary evolutionary intuitive and healer, love all the wisdom you encompass here; the near and the distant, the future and the past, the newborn, young and the elders, the Empty Space Uniting Field "every(w)here" and the cosmic glasses wisdom for global sustainability through unconditional love. You also maintain the shape of a womb, which for me represent birthing, which is what we are doing everyday – birthing the unknown.

    Cosmic star blessings, Katrine

    • W*bke says:

      Ahh thank you Katrine for your enthusiasm and sharing of your wisdom. I love that you are following your inner impulses in creating your website. So important not follow our inner wisdom in creating our heart businesses. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Philippa says:

    First I thought she was being rather possessive or something of the owl; now I see her getting much needed comfort and support from the owl, who is teaching her to see (because she didnt want to see). Thats the old her wearing the glasses and turning away. (Who she is holding too, because she needs to be loved and re-incorporated).

    • Wibke says:

      I love what you are seeing here… especially how the old self didn’t want to see the wisdom. hmmm beautiful insights.

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