Wisdom of the Internal Sun – Solar Plexus – 3rd Chakra

A few weeks ago I channeled this drawing and instantly I felt that it wanted me to receive more information about wisdom of the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra. So I am taking this as an opportunity to reflect and share alittle more information about what I gathered about this specific chakra and how we can detect imbalances and find ways to nurture, clear and rebalance this energy center. Any of your own wisdom is very welcome in the comments.

3rd Chakra Wisdom

SOLAR PLEXUS / 3rd Chakra:

Location: The 3rd chakra has 2 energy vortexes located in the solar plexus area in front of the body which is hand width over your navel under the point where our ribs come together (diaphragm) and the other vortex is located just opposite on the backside of the body. Issues: In general the front chakra (that is commonly addressed as the Solar Plexus Chakra) is related to the feelings aspect and the rear chakra related to our will. The general issue of the 3rd chakra relates to our unique place in the universe, our connection to others in the system, our sense of belonging. The rear chakra relates to our relationship, intention towards to our health, our inner system.

“Although the solar plexus chakra is a mental chakra, its healthy functioning is directly related to an individual’s emotional life. This is true because the mind or mental processes serve as regulators of the emotional life. The mental understanding of emotions puts them into a framework of order and acceptably defines reality.”– Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light”

I also resonate with those that point out that the 3rd chakra relates to our personal/ego vs. divine will as it would reflect in the ways we relate to others and feel (or don’t feel) part of the tribe, universe or a greater destiny. Looking at it this way, I can see this chakra as a bridge to the energetic dimension of intention (also known as Hara) and also the 5th layer of the auric field that also related to divine will, trust and surrender (see Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light” for more information about the auric anatomy). And I find it divinely timed that my focus is guided to this particular chakra as I feel right now we are in another powerful galactic shifting wave from an ego controlled to a divinly surrendered perception and creation of reality. And all it takes is to make a choice (intention) and trust the unfolding. The 3rd chakra is also physically located very close to the seat of our core star / essence, our innate being (located between the solar plexus and the navel in a deeper dimension). In order to really embody and shine our essence in the world with more clarity and brightness, the 3rd Chakra functions like a vessel to carry that light out to other (human or not) beings. So if the 3rd chakra is balanced and clear it feels effortless to connect to others. We have the sense of meeting like-minded people and they are attracted to us naturally vs. we have the sense of having to run after people and/or feeling isolated.

Imbalances in the 3rd Chakra may manifest as issues with

  • Trust
  • Fear
  • Judgment
  • Power struggles
  • Depression, Victimization
  • How others receive our essence
  • Boundaries, Co-dependent relationships
  • Addiction
  • Nurturing, Nutrition
  • Self-Care and Self-Love
  • Physical problems in the digestive system
  • Process organs like liver, gall, kidneys, pancreas
  • Personal / Divine will, Authority issues

A person with a balanced 3rd Chakra finds great pleasure knowing one’s unique place in the universe, sHe feels that one’s creative intentions, manifestations and relationships are guided and supported by divine will in divine timing, there is a deep sense of surrender and trust. sHe knows how to nurture one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs with the best food available. One’s self-care comes from a deep sense of self-respect as an expression of loving attention for one’s inner system that is mirrored in the ability to care for/be responsible for one’s own emotions as well as deal and process issues that arise from mastering relationships with others.

Further information:
Barbara Brennan: “Hands of Life”, “Light Emerging”
Tom Kenyon: “The inner Sun”
– Matt Kahn “Angel Academy” course
Adriana Barone: Chakra love


Now I was curious what the channeled drawing was guiding me to understand further: Just looking at the color range I understand the importance of nurturing and supporting the 3rd chakra from the 2. and 1. chakras as well. The structure she is lying on or bending over looks to me like a flowing filter system and since it is in orange colors it could refer to the issues in the 2. chakra like creativity and sexuallity which is also supported by the red base (representing the 1st / Base / Root Chakra.) So perhaps it’s a hint to root our creativity/sexuality with trust and safety that comes from healthy and flexible boundaries and establishing a feeling of being comfortable in our bodies. It is easier to surrender and relate to others from that feeling of safety and playful exploration that nurtures our blossoming and sensual opening inside out. The way the woman is bending over reminds me of some core energetics practice to open the front 3rd chakra: bending our back over a message stool or one of those big bouncy elastic balls to release tension held in the body and also connected issues in the energy (emotional, spiritual, mental) system. The chakra itself looks to me like a megaphone with sound coming in or going out. Perhaps sound healing is a good support to balance this chakra right now. (Divinely timed I just received Tom Kenyon’s latest newsletter with a sound healing for the 3rd chakra! Tha!) Also at the end when I was coloring the drawing I saw this being standing behind the chakra and gently embracing or holding it. It felt like a protective energy. Another level of safety and support from our guides or friends that may help us open and relax more with ease in mastering relationships to ourself, others, nature, universe… etc. Looking at this drawing I am reminded that our internal sun really seeks to vibrate along with our galactic and eternal sun. I am curious as our physical sun is so active right now and reversing its magnetic field – how this is influencing our being. Perhaps helping us to manifest the switch from an ego controlled to a more divinely surrendered experience. Well, that is what I am getting from the drawing. How about you? Anything that speaks out to you or catches your eyes and imagination? Love to read your wisdom in the comments below.

Now, how can we creatively nurture your 3rd Chakra Essence?

Here are some creative ideas that come to my mind, feel free to add yours:

  • Look at, use, visualize, paint, eat, dress in yellow color. Here is a collection of yellow images on my Pinterest board: Follow Antonia Wibke Heidelmann’s board 3_yellow on Pinterest.
  • Gentle stretching of the solar plexus area, bending over a elastic ball or so
  • Create something using intuition, improvisation, free flow like Channeled Drawing (watch my free tutorial video here ) or dance like ecstatic dance, soul motion, 5Rhythms – where you are in touch with your soulbody moving & being witnessed in a group
  • Soak up the sun and/or Visualize taking it into your 3rd Chakra and let the sunlight rays emanating from your solar plexus and expanding to other people, nature, the universe
  • Look at the stars at night and feel yourself as a fellow unique star of the universe.

Please share your creations and add your own wisdom and experience how you balance the 3rd Chakra as well as your guidance from looking at the channeled drawing in the comments below and/or post your artistic creations in the Facebook Group here. Of course I am just sharing my own experience and guidance here. I am happy to learn from your experience, knowledge and guidance as well.

Last but not least this video from Matt Kahn came to me at the time of my drawing I like to pass it on to you, perfectly speaking about the shift from ego to divine will. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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