Yesterday I was contacted by lovely woman & heart entrepreneur Bethany Perry I had met 2 years ago at a business conference in LA with Christina Morassi called “Flip your switch” (I wrote about it here).

She told me that during her personal transformation work she had a vision and a profound realization in with also my drawings appeared. So she contacted me to share her profound experience and to discuss whether I could draw her vision – which was so much about bringing together the feminine and masculine aspects of oneself – as opposed to keep looking for that “man”/ “woman” outside. She has been focusing her work on brain health and nutrition and this revelation of hers reminded me of how the Channeled Drawing process also balances the right/left brain hemispheres, in the way it uses the free imaginative feminine flow while using the observer and associate skills to understand the guidance. So it was magical to realize that this came together as it did.

But that’s not where the magic ends…

After we finished our conversation, I was looking at the Channeled Drawing I had created the same morning before our conversation and then totally recognized her beautiful vision in it. I had seen the drawing in another yet similar context for myself but now after the conversation with my friend I saw a new wider context and horizon in it. Truly amazing.

Channeled Drawing never ceased to surprise me with its magic synchronicities…

Now, I am curious where our soul-laboration will lead us as we will develop to re-create her vision in an upcoming video. So stay tuned…

Please check out Bethany’s coaching services here on her website and on Facebook.
If you feeling generous you may want to support her entry for winning a scholarship for Marie Forleo’s B-School. Just give her a thumbs up on here on her youtube video, where she lays out her heart mission. Thank you.

… and here is the drawing that manifested even before I talked to her…

The Vision

I named this new Channeled Drawing “Listen to your heArt’s guiDance”

See if you can find the dancer in the image. (Hint look for red shoes). ;)

What is your heart telling you right now if you’re listening in?
Perhaps you can feel an impulse to translate this creatively, draw, dance, write, sing…. there is always someone receiving your gifts. YOU.
You’re also welcome to share anything you love to share in our FB group here.

Listen to your heART's guiDANCE


See if you can find the dancer in the image. (Hint look for red shoes). ;)

What is your heart telling you right now if you’re listening in?
Perhaps you can feel an impulse to translate this creatively, draw, dance, write, sing…. there is always someone receiving your gifts. YOU.
You’re also welcome to share anything you love to share in our FB group here.

A few weeks ago I channeled this drawing and instantly I felt that it wanted me to receive more information about wisdom of the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra. So I am taking this as an opportunity to reflect and share alittle more information about what I gathered about this specific chakra and how we can detect imbalances and find ways to nurture, clear and rebalance this energy center. Any of your own wisdom is very welcome in the comments.

3rd Chakra Wisdom

SOLAR PLEXUS / 3rd Chakra:

Location: The 3rd chakra has 2 energy vortexes located in the solar plexus area in front of the body which is hand width over your navel under the point where our ribs come together (diaphragm) and the other vortex is located just opposite on the backside of the body. Issues: In general the front chakra (that is commonly addressed as the Solar Plexus Chakra) is related to the feelings aspect and the rear chakra related to our will. The general issue of the 3rd chakra relates to our unique place in the universe, our connection to others in the system, our sense of belonging. The rear chakra relates to our relationship, intention towards to our health, our inner system.

“Although the solar plexus chakra is a mental chakra, its healthy functioning is directly related to an individual’s emotional life. This is true because the mind or mental processes serve as regulators of the emotional life. The mental understanding of emotions puts them into a framework of order and acceptably defines reality.”– Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light”

I also resonate with those that point out that the 3rd chakra relates to our personal/ego vs. divine will as it would reflect in the ways we relate to others and feel (or don’t feel) part of the tribe, universe or a greater destiny. Looking at it this way, I can see this chakra as a bridge to the energetic dimension of intention (also known as Hara) and also the 5th layer of the auric field that also related to divine will, trust and surrender (see Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light” for more information about the auric anatomy). And I find it divinely timed that my focus is guided to this particular chakra as I feel right now we are in another powerful galactic shifting wave from an ego controlled to a divinly surrendered perception and creation of reality. And all it takes is to make a choice (intention) and trust the unfolding. The 3rd chakra is also physically located very close to the seat of our core star / essence, our innate being (located between the solar plexus and the navel in a deeper dimension). In order to really embody and shine our essence in the world with more clarity and brightness, the 3rd Chakra functions like a vessel to carry that light out to other (human or not) beings. So if the 3rd chakra is balanced and clear it feels effortless to connect to others. We have the sense of meeting like-minded people and they are attracted to us naturally vs. we have the sense of having to run after people and/or feeling isolated.

Imbalances in the 3rd Chakra may manifest as issues with

  • Trust
  • Fear
  • Judgment
  • Power struggles
  • Depression, Victimization
  • How others receive our essence
  • Boundaries, Co-dependent relationships
  • Addiction
  • Nurturing, Nutrition
  • Self-Care and Self-Love
  • Physical problems in the digestive system
  • Process organs like liver, gall, kidneys, pancreas
  • Personal / Divine will, Authority issues

A person with a balanced 3rd Chakra finds great pleasure knowing one’s unique place in the universe, sHe feels that one’s creative intentions, manifestations and relationships are guided and supported by divine will in divine timing, there is a deep sense of surrender and trust. sHe knows how to nurture one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs with the best food available. One’s self-care comes from a deep sense of self-respect as an expression of loving attention for one’s inner system that is mirrored in the ability to care for/be responsible for one’s own emotions as well as deal and process issues that arise from mastering relationships with others.

Further information:
Barbara Brennan: “Hands of Life”, “Light Emerging”
Tom Kenyon: “The inner Sun”
– Matt Kahn “Angel Academy” course
Adriana Barone: Chakra love


Now I was curious what the channeled drawing was guiding me to understand further: Just looking at the color range I understand the importance of nurturing and supporting the 3rd chakra from the 2. and 1. chakras as well. The structure she is lying on or bending over looks to me like a flowing filter system and since it is in orange colors it could refer to the issues in the 2. chakra like creativity and sexuallity which is also supported by the red base (representing the 1st / Base / Root Chakra.) So perhaps it’s a hint to root our creativity/sexuality with trust and safety that comes from healthy and flexible boundaries and establishing a feeling of being comfortable in our bodies. It is easier to surrender and relate to others from that feeling of safety and playful exploration that nurtures our blossoming and sensual opening inside out. The way the woman is bending over reminds me of some core energetics practice to open the front 3rd chakra: bending our back over a message stool or one of those big bouncy elastic balls to release tension held in the body and also connected issues in the energy (emotional, spiritual, mental) system. The chakra itself looks to me like a megaphone with sound coming in or going out. Perhaps sound healing is a good support to balance this chakra right now. (Divinely timed I just received Tom Kenyon’s latest newsletter with a sound healing for the 3rd chakra! Tha!) Also at the end when I was coloring the drawing I saw this being standing behind the chakra and gently embracing or holding it. It felt like a protective energy. Another level of safety and support from our guides or friends that may help us open and relax more with ease in mastering relationships to ourself, others, nature, universe… etc. Looking at this drawing I am reminded that our internal sun really seeks to vibrate along with our galactic and eternal sun. I am curious as our physical sun is so active right now and reversing its magnetic field – how this is influencing our being. Perhaps helping us to manifest the switch from an ego controlled to a more divinely surrendered experience. Well, that is what I am getting from the drawing. How about you? Anything that speaks out to you or catches your eyes and imagination? Love to read your wisdom in the comments below.

Now, how can we creatively nurture your 3rd Chakra Essence?

Here are some creative ideas that come to my mind, feel free to add yours:

  • Look at, use, visualize, paint, eat, dress in yellow color. Here is a collection of yellow images on my Pinterest board: Follow Antonia Wibke Heidelmann’s board 3_yellow on Pinterest.
  • Gentle stretching of the solar plexus area, bending over a elastic ball or so
  • Create something using intuition, improvisation, free flow like Channeled Drawing (watch my free tutorial video here ) or dance like ecstatic dance, soul motion, 5Rhythms – where you are in touch with your soulbody moving & being witnessed in a group
  • Soak up the sun and/or Visualize taking it into your 3rd Chakra and let the sunlight rays emanating from your solar plexus and expanding to other people, nature, the universe
  • Look at the stars at night and feel yourself as a fellow unique star of the universe.

Please share your creations and add your own wisdom and experience how you balance the 3rd Chakra as well as your guidance from looking at the channeled drawing in the comments below and/or post your artistic creations in the Facebook Group here. Of course I am just sharing my own experience and guidance here. I am happy to learn from your experience, knowledge and guidance as well.

Last but not least this video from Matt Kahn came to me at the time of my drawing I like to pass it on to you, perfectly speaking about the shift from ego to divine will. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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This channeled Drawing manifested last Thursday November 29, 2013 in my creative intelligence class while people in some parts of the world celebrated ThanksGiving and others celebrate Chanukkah and others like me were following the journey of comet ISON to rendezvous with the sun.

It’s just amazing how events align on one day sometimes. Since I am doing my 30 Days of Gratitude posts I’m even more aware of the magic that unfolds everyday. ThanksGiving is celebrating this journey of gratitude and Channuka also celebrates the miracle of light. How amazing that ISON – a comet – meets with Earth’s light and live giving source on that day. It’s such a beautiful sign and inspiration for me taking the journey again diving into my own creative life force / passion and cosmic essence to nurture myself and others.

I found this amazing quote in a presentation of Alex Grey that summed up my heART’s mission:

“Art is an echo of the creative force that births the galaxies. Creativity is a way that the cosmos evolves and communicates with itself” – Alex Grey


Watch Alex Grey’s TED presentation and I hope you are as inspired as I am.



Know the feeling when you recognize you’ve been running from that emptiness inside? When I do, I get really busy, watch TV shows and movies, talk to friends, spend hours on the computer or get attached to someone who makes me feel nice, needed and connected, some people do workshops one after another, party, eat, don’t eat, drink, smoke, have sex or do whatever to keep the mind and heart from feeling that emptiness, that part that we believe to be missing inside. What we’re running from is feeling fear. A fear that there’s nothing for us, we’re nothing substantial and nobody is there for us. We’re alone and we believe that means lonely. I assume most people feel this fear to some degree perhaps sometimes we don’t even recognize it as fear. It’s OK. However, to keep running for a longer period of time some of these avoidance habits to feel this fear develop into patterns and emotional perhaps also physical addictions. Some are very subtle and difficult to detect on our own.

I have done it for years. I developed my favorite addictions… some of them I am not even aware to call them as such yet. Only when I “loose” a “fulfilling” outside source, something or someone I had been getting attached to for whatever the reason the fear of feeling that emptiness, becomes so strong that is more challenging to run away and more clear the ways that I find to do it anyways.

Well being in that part of the cycle again, I have challenged myself to choose to really dare face this fear this time. I am choosing to be with it – give it space and stop continuing whatever addictive behavior I notice – that keeps me feeling unfulfilled anyhow.

And then a few days ago I received a gift. I found myself  in a black space, a black room. Darkness. However despite my fear I felt a calmness, a safety, stillness… and as I contiinued to just be in that space a sense of peace came over me. And then I started to recognize an interesting sensation, that of being excited. A dawning of unlimited potential, unmanifested ideas, a fullness of sorts yet without being materialized. A full emptiness. And it seemed to be at the center of everything. I guess that is what Quantum physics calls the zero point. It’s like a black hole, dark matter and it has sooooo so much energy and power.

Further, I observed that if the pulse of that unmanifested potential vibrates at such a rate that it passes a threshold (whatever that is)… it turns into a strike of lightning, igniting a bright starlight, omnidirectional essence and with focusing on this impulse that light gets a direction. It’s seems to be a mission and the light becomes an idea that is landing like a plane on the speed way becoming slower and slower and denser until it seems to almost stop moving to manifest into some form, whatever it’s intention, impulse, original idea was.

To me the whole thing appeared visually while sitting in the center of the black velvet void (as Barbara Brennan called it). This experience was truly transforming my fear of that emptiness. It’s one thing to know about the process of creation (as I learnt it in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and other schools) and another to really experience and observe it so viscerally inside myself and in the context of facing my fear. I could feel my body relaxing in places I wasn’t even aware I held a tension. I was breathing deeper and felt at awe.

Now when I recognize I am keeping myself busy somehow and I recognize fear creeping or luring in some corner of my day … I dare to stop more often what I am doing, to be with that emptiness I am fearing, tolerating the feelings to pass through until I feel the soothing centering stillness again, until I recognize emptiness’s fullness of unmanifested potential and feel peace again knowing how I can create whatever I intend from inside that space inside me.

You dare to share in the comments what you’re favorite addictions are?


Tonight I guided the first little courages group in my first class to channel their own creative guidance through drawing. WOW – I am so amazed what clear messages showed themselves in the very first exercise when people thought they just made random non-sense lines. When we start to look deeper and communicate with our creations – true magic unfolds. I am so amazed how this process works for other people and that you don’t need to have “artistic” or “spiritual” talents to access your inner wisdom using your creative life flow and translate it with pens, paper, colors, sound, movement whatever feels to be your element. Amazing.

If you are in Hamburg feel free to join us every Thurday from 7-9pm im Lotus Zentrum für Neues Bewusstsein, Tanz und Kreativität, Donnerstarsse 7a, Hamburg Ottensen.
More info about the class here.

Here are 2 of my drawings from the first class.


Back from my trip to Israel with 2 new Channeled Drawings, one of which is still in progress and will be posted later.

This drawing really captures the intimate feeling that I experienced in and with Israel some of it unexpectedly. The land is hot in all ways.

Hope you enjoy the drawing. Let me know what you see, feel, associate – I am curious.

Much love, W*bke


This weeks drawing has much detail and intense colors – unfortunately my scanner cannot pick up… so image the yellow being neon orange color and some of the purple neon pink.

As I just channeled this I felt a sort of free flow and deeper letting go of the outcome. Just kept drawing not knowing what it would be… as this is how I always do it… yet I felt a deeper level of trust and in that a certain presence observing.

I can now see this as well in what the drawing shows me… these blue little creatures… seems like old friends, little helpers, guides supporting their soulfamily on earth.

The fire aspect is prominent as well as some air in form of a cloud or steam in the upper right corner… but maybe it is an unmanifested blue friend as well. What do you think?

I am still curious about this heart that seems to be kind of floating or being delivered by another blue shaped form. One could see it as lost but it is not my feeling with it… maybe its a shared one, an offered one. It has gone through some darkness however is whole and deep. That’s how I feel it.

The man and the woman both seem resting in some way… however holding a connection. The man is reaching for or holding the fire that is seems to radiate from the feminine figure all surrounded by rose color clouds and waves.

I have a peaceful feeling with this drawing eventhough there is much activity in the lines… I keep being curious about it. Are you?

How well can you find that resting place while there is so much changes in your surroundings. Can you find that observer in yourself that looks with peace and loving kindness at whatever is happening?

It often helps me to concentrate on my breath or listen to the silence between the sounds. It enhances my presence and I feel more alive.

I wish you a effortless kind creative week,
with cosmic giggles,



This weeks channeled drawing brings even more dolphin energy.
See for yourself.


The one dolphin seems really cute and young and perhaps reminds us to tap even more into the playful aspects within ourself when we create our life.

COME PLAY! Bring your inner child to your daily routine.

The other dolphin seems a little further away and perhaps it may represent the elder part of us… not sure. However both of them create a circular motion and flow… so perhaps to find a balance between letting our inner child play and at the same time keep the wider view and direction of the creation in sight. Finding the balance.
The dolphin is covering the right side of the woman’s face. And as someone pointed out to me perhaps it is pointing the right brain… our systemic, logic, linear thinking and the dolphin as more of a flow, intuitive “left” brain representative here suggests to also balance our right brain and bring in more flow into our planning, thinking and systems as we are used to. 

And perhaps you see much more and different things. I am curious to know. Share your view in the comments below.

Wishing you a splashing playful focused flow for this week,
with cosmic giggles,



Seems like this week’s channeled drawing might point to the recent sun stroms and magnetic changes happening.

When I recognize on the woman figure a spot on top of her head over where that dark shadow figure is sitting. It reminds me of a picture I saw from the sun with a darker spot on top (can’t publish it here but you can find it on the webs).

I feel alot of sun activity, transformations, transfigurations, frequency changes (see the black lines that look like sound wave visuals!). Sound healing might be very effective if you suffer from the effects of solar flares like headaches, messed up sleeping patterns, sickness, flu, eye problems and such.

So what about that rosy slug or transfigured dolphin and the little blue being?

Well the “base” of all changes is for more love to come through… to ride on the wave of love and the dolphin as well as the rose color symbolize “love”. The little blue figure for me looks like a butterfly (a symbol of transformation) and at the same time it looks like a little alien friend of mine. He’s bringing greetings from my galactic family… cheering us in the process of intense transformations that are happening right now on this planet and in our lives.

So no matter what shadows will appear this week in the process … try to feel the love that is beneath it all and ride the waves with as much joy as you can. It’s not as serious as you think it is. We are supported in our journey to shine our love in its purest form.
Listen to amazing sound channels like Tom Kenyon, KellyRose Zuvuya and many others. I will be recording my own in the coming week. So check back here if you like.

Wishing you a bright new week.
Take good care of yourself and sing no matter what.
with cosmic giggles,